Tuesday, February 14, 2012

You Really Got Me

Hey all. I'll be posting a couple of outfits featuring the classic bell bottom for the next two days. I've become a big fan of this type of pant-aloon. Super comfy, goes great with chunky platforms, flattering (for the most part)...what more can ye ask for? I've become obsessed with Free People clothing as I've mentioned before and these zig zag bells are purchased from their store. I had to get a medium since the store was out of smalls....probably should have been patient and ordered online...but my personality does not allow patience of that sort...so here are the results.

Also, while Im in school, I'll prob just take quick shots of my daily outfits...bought photography lighting to better my lighting quality in the ol apartment...hope they help. Bought some great new shoes and outfits lately and traded in the old. Exciting, eh?





Olive Green Tank - Target
Navy Blue Lace Tank - Urban Outfitters
Zig Zag Bells - Free People
Tan Concho Belt - Ebay Lot-o-Belts
Fringe Sweater - Lucky Brand
Rings - Forever 21
Arrowhead Necklace - Buffalo Exchange
Jessica Simpson Dany Platforms