Monday, January 16, 2012

Double Whammy

Good evening. Im posting today's and last Thursdays outfits on the blog today. Tomorrow is my official first day of class, so I'll be incognito for a while again. Maybe every once in an while I'll have time to post, but it'll be rare. My stomach is turning at the thought of how crazy busy its going to be. Past few weeks have been blissful...Goobye heaven and sweet, cheerful Maria. Hello heck and evil, stressed and snappy Jerkface! Beware all and I really am sorry to all those that I will offend and or hurt in the next 6 months.
Todays Outfit:




Gauze Floral Dress - BlueBird via Charming Charlies
Brown Suede Boots - Steven by Steve Madden
Bracelet - Forever 21
Necklace - Buffalo Exchange

Thursday's Outfit:


Outfit Details:
Floral Tank - Buffalo Exchange
Corduroy Overall Dress - Old Navy
Gray Leggings - Forever 21
Amazing Green Suede Platforms - Jeffrey Campbell via BonaDrag (color exclusive to their site)
Necklace - Buffalo Exchange
Rings - Forever 21
Daisy Clip - Claires

Monday, January 9, 2012

Thirty Thursday


Evening all. Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. Got to visit a really cool art exhibit on Jean Paul Gaultier at the Dallas Art Museum with the one of the sweetest, coolest gals ever this weekend. The exhibit featured amazing wearable art and mannequins with projected facial expressions. So strange, yet so freakin awesome. Y'all should check it out. Think its on display until February sometime.
Anywho, this is last Thursday's outfit. Very casual and comfy. I always wear a sweater to the office because its pretty normal to feel like you're in a meat locker in there.
Ok, I'll leave ya by saying, "Have the best week ever, ye hear??"




Outfit Deets:
Chevron Sweater - Love Stitch via Charming Charlies (they have some really awesome clothes...decent prices to boot)
Anime Girl Tank - Urban Outfitters (I have about 4 of these...gotta love pretty girls printed on a T)
Faux Leather Tuxedo Skinnies - Jessica Simpson via Ross (like $4 on the clearance rack)
Steve Madden Boots - have had these forever...
Rainy Weather Necklace - Gift from my dear sis, Nancy, via Etsy seller eye of the tiger Looks like she is on vaca preparing for baby, but maybe she will be back. Check out her sold items to experience her greatness!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012



I got my new spectacles in the mail and I had to wear them post haste. Cat Eyes!!! MEOWWWWW!!

I had to heavily edit due to lighting and quality of the photogs. Either way, this is what I wore to the workplace this fine Wednesday.

BTW, have you guys heard the new Ryan Adams???? I DIE!! So freakin gorgeous.







Outfit Detials:
Fringe Kimono - Ebay
Black Leggings -Target
Platform Boots - Dolce Vita via Free People
Necklace n Rings - Forever 21/ Charlotte Russe
Specs -
Lipstick - Cover Girl Delish (my favourite every day wear)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Hello. Hope everyone is having a great, happy day. Because everyone deserves happiness. Everyone wants to be happy.

My day was ok. I rushed home after work and cleaned up the apt a bit....much needed. So glad I did. Makes me want to come home, ya know. Anywho, I found this skirt at the local thrift this weekend...and no I did not wash it before wearing. ;-/ I loved it right away and purchased it on the spot. So this is today's outfit:

Outfit Details:
Black Target Tank
Thrifted Black Belt
Thrifted High Waist Skirt
Jessica Simpson Danys
Zenni Optical Glassy Eyes (got my new cat eyes today from i'll post a blog reviewing each site :-))
White Balls Necklace - Mark by Avon
Lipstick is a mixture of MAC So Chaud and Hard Candy Candy Apple

Have a decent nite.

Monday, January 2, 2012

How To Stud A Jacket (or Whatever)


Hey folks. I thought I'd do my first tutorial on this 'ol blog here...all the bloggers do it. If I'm to be a real blogger for the next couple weeks, I figured this was a must DO! I am currently studding up a jacket I said I was going to stud about a year ago...haven't had the chance until now. I did a video and below are detailed instructions. Let me know if this is of any help!
Of course Vimeo had to choose the craziest screenshot of me in the whole video as the still shot to start it off. Niiiiice. Thanks.

How to Stud a Jacket from Maria Patino on Vimeo.

Anywho, I bought some 3/8" cone studs on ebay for super cheap from vendor and they are perfect for this project. All you will need for this project are:
Studs/ an Exacto Knife/ Pliers

First, you will get one of your studs and press on the leather to make indentions where you want the stud to go. You can also just eye the distance between the prongs to make your holes, but this is what most tutorials I checked out did, so here you go. Excuse my dried up, crusty fingers also. Partially due to this process/ partially because I don't drink enough water. Heh.

This will leave two little indentions in your leather.

Next, you will poke holes where those indentions are using your exacto knife.

Next, get your stud and put the prongs thru the holes.

Then, you will need to grab your pliers and bend down each prong.

For each side, be sure to get both prongs flat so that they don't poke you when wearing it.
Repeat until finished. Super easy huh!
This is my work in progress, I still need to do the collar and pockets and maybe some elbow patches. I want the burberry Prossum (sp?) Look. I plan on getting bigger spikes for the shoulder flaps. Should look pretty freakin awesome.



Happy Studding!!!!

Ode to Shrooms and Dashikis


Good day all! Days off work are glorious when its a day spent with your loved one(s). I woke up at noon:30 and got dressed, got the boy dressed and headed to burger heaven. I tried Smash Burger the other day and fell in love. It is probably one of the most flavorful burgers I have ever experienced (and those who know me KNOW I've experienced a whole lotta burgers). They also have special fries, where they toss them in olive oil and sprinke them with rosemary. So freakin delicious. Anywho, I took my little love, Seb Seb, there this afternoon. He loved it. I tried to persuade him to take outfit pics for me afterwards, but he kept complaining that his leg hurt as he fell out of the shopping cart after our meal that afternoon. Anywho, I had to settle taking them in our etsy/ craft room. Please excuse the usual bad lighting. I opted for a comfy dashiki, shiny leggings, and boots.
Hope you all had a wonderful day as well!

SMASH! Burger. Teehee!



Outfit o the Day



Dashiki - Thrifted via Catalina 5K
Obi Belt - Ebay (my best friend)
American Apparel Shiny Leggings - Ebay (my best friend)
Old Nine West Boots - Ebay (my best friend)
Beautiful Blue Necklace - Gifted from a friend - from Mejico

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out with the Old and In With the New


This title is actually a bit contradictory. Photos I'm posting today are about 6 months old. I was a little bit chubbier since I wasn't on my starvation diet and it was summer time. Pre-school/ less stressful times. Please note, i didn't iron my pants out or brush my hair for this posting as I think I had had a few drinks the night before, so I wasn't feeling all that motivated. That same day we took photos for our Etsy store. My sisters pictures turned out fantastic. Mine, however, will not be used because, well, I look like a fat cow in them...I know, Im not being very inspirational or role modelish to younger women or any women at all with this talk, but, nobody feels good when they cant button up their pants! Same rant as always!
Anywho, Im on break from school right now and I hope for the remainder of my break to post some pictures of my outfits. I think I've had some pretty decent ones lately...I've been sewing and I got rid of a ton of shoes to buy some others that I appreciate a bit more.
Anywho, hope all is well with you all. Lub you (some of you).




Outfit Deets:
Vintage Mexican Top - Thrifted
American Eagle Rust Colored Cords
Zigi Girl Platforms I got at Karmaloop for super cheap