Friday, February 17, 2012

I Beleive In Symmetry


Isn't it fantastic Bon Iver won a grammy! He so deserves it...his music is so unbelievably gorgeous...makes me wanna float on clouds and such. Anywho, this is my Tuesday outfit...Tuesday of this week. I have yet to buy bulbs for the photography lights (not sure of their official name...the stands with the white umbrellas), so lighting is not a good situation in this place.

Oh, and I'd like to introduce Mr. Toots...our new cat. Boy does it demand attention....its super cute tho, so its not too difficult to provide that. :-) It did poop up a storm on one of my favorite jackets however. Not its fault, I should have heeded its crazy meow warnings while trying to nap. What can ye do?



Outfit Details:
Cut-Off T - Urban Outfitters
Stripes Skirt - H&M
Belt - Thrifted
Fringe Boots - Jeffrey Campbell via Lori's Shoes Online
Knee High Socks - Target