Monday, May 28, 2012

This Strange Plan is Random at Best


Busy, busy day!!!  Signed my lease and re-viewed the inside of the duplex.  Its absolutely dreamy!  Made me want to clean the apartment right away.  Me n my Seb Seb bought cleaning supplies and I was able to clean the bathroom today. Ha.  Thats it.  I scrubbed and scrubbed and the shower looked really good....then it dried and there was white soap scum? I'm guessing thats what it is on the grout.  The grout is dark and it turned white...what can I buy to fix that??  Any suggestions?  Also was able to see how I am going to lay out my bedroom furniture and Seb's in his new room.  Im super excited to get to it!  Went to NorthPark and then sold some stuff at Buffalo Exchange.  Also bought a ton of liquids for my liquid diet this week!  Don't tempt me with your delicious solids this week please!!!  Anywho, this is what I wore today to run all my errands ...very simple and comfy.

Okely dokely, its late.  Better hit the sack!  Gnite yall!





Outfit Details:
Black Tank: Alternative Apparel - Buffalo Exchange
Tye Dye Leggings - Target
Boots - Dolce Vita
Turban - Thrifted

Saturday, May 26, 2012

I Show You My Car, But I Don't Drive


Listening to KOL this early morn, hence the title.  I really do like that band.  :-D  Reminds me, I need to get started on the Bonnaroo Road Trip Mix 2012!!!  Its in about a week n a half!!!
Anywho, visited the parents today.  My bro's best friend graduated high school this year and this is what I wore to the graduation party.  Got to see an old friend that I missed and do miss still.  She is about to have a baby girl....going to her baby shower tomorrow actually.  She is such a beautiful pregnant lady.
Also, redone my hair.  Quite the vibrant'll fade out...meant for it to be more of an orange-y color.  Darn that L'Oreal!!!  Also, this awesome headpiece made to look like a House of Harlow piece is actually by a girl on ebay - Hair Couture by Melissa.  Her pieces are pretty rad.  Click me to check them out!
Have a great nite all!







Outfit Details:
Crocheted Dress: Jolie & Beau via Ebay
Orange Tank: Buffalo Exchange
Boots: Betsey Johnson (Been wearing these quite often!!)
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: Gift From Nan the Man
Headpiece: Hair Couture by Melissa via Ebay!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss


This is today's outfit.  Got the pretty top at Forever 21.

Nothing really exciting happened today, except the fact that tomorrow is Friday!  Yippedy doo dahhhh!







Outfit Details:
Flowy Top: Forever 21
Gray Tank: Plato's Closet
Green Pants: American Eagle
Boots: Betsey Johnson
Necklace: Gift from Yancy

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Spanish Lace


Today is Seb's last game against the Pirates!  The big competitors!  ARRRRRGGGG!!!  We will head out in a few to beat the socks right off of 'em!  Go Mariners!!!!

This is what I wore today...sans work.   Also posting pics of the caftans I have up on Ebay.  Please bid!  Mama needs cash for a house deposit!!

Have a great nite all!





Outfit Details:
Spanish Lace Shawl: Buffalo Exchange
Black Tank - Target
Black High Waist Riding Pants - American Apparel
Tan Boots - Steve Madden via (for super can get the best deals on there!!!)
Necklace - Bought it from a girl at work
Rings - All Forever 21
Lipstick is Mac So Chaud
Ebay Caftans:  Both In Excellent Condition!  Gorgeous Pieces.  Click first picture of each caftan below to go to Ebay pages.
Orange Sorbet Caftan:





Pink Caftan:

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Southwestern Fringe


Hey all.  Im a bit annoyed today.  Had the busiest day at work.  The neighbor broke one of my flower pots, and the other neighbor walked out and scolded us because Seb threw a ball at his window as I was taking these pictures.  I included that picture below. Heh..  Gahhh!  I can't wait to get outta here!  And then Im annoyed for other reasons I will not disclose here on the blog.  AAAAAAcchhhh!!
Anwho, this is what I wore to work today.  This southwestern fringe vest is amazing isn't it?  Got it at the same Santa Monica boutique as the dress in the last post - on sale!  Beautiful teal color, southwestern print, and fringe galore...whats not to love.
Hope you all had a great one!








Outfit Details:
Southwestern Fringe - Santa Monica boutique
Blue Lace Tank - Urban Outfitters
Blue Waffle Tank - Miley Cyrus for Max Azria - Wally World
Blue Leggings - Buffalo Exchange
Lace Up Boots - Frye via Ebay
Southwestern Wooden Earrings - Buffalo Exchange in CA
Lipstick is Smashbox - Melondrama

Monday, May 21, 2012

I go for a walk in the park, Cuz you don't need anything.

a-acutoutdress-main Evening folks. I had an overall good day today. After work, we went grocery shopping for uber healthy foods. Ha. I think I ate more food today than I usually do on a normal basis. I also got a few new nail colors. I plan on painting my toe nails tonite. I also watched a couple of pretty decent movies on Netflix while eating, which made me happy. Then constructed a couple headpieces, which I will be displaying below, after my outfit pics. Also, had a wonderful weekend. Got my Bonnaroo tickets...headed to Manchester in a couple of weeks! Went to visit my sister in Austin with my moms and my Sebby. It was a wonderful time! I got the new Beach House album at Waterloo along with a shirt upgrade from XS to Small for SebSeb to grow into!!! And to top all that greatness off, I think we got the amazing duplex in Lakewood we applied for. Boy, am I going to feel like a fool if we don't get it and publicized it for all to see here, but, yeah, lets hope, hmmmm?
 Anywho, this is what I wore sometime last week. I think this dress was made for tall leggy women.  It wasn't what I envisioned when I put it on. I got it in California in a little boutique in Santa Monica. It was love at first site, and when I tried it on, it didn't exactly zip up. It does now! However, I wouldn't dream of wearing it without a shirt or something to cover my big white belly, as I wouldn't want to gross ya'll out too much.
 Moving on, I was wanting to post what I wore everyday, for grins & giggles this whole summer...fancy or not, repeat or new....that'd be kind of neat, right? Well hope everyone has the best nite in existence. a-acutoutdress3 a-acutoutdress2 a-acutoutdress4 a-acutoutdress1 Outfit Details:
Cut Out Dress: A little Santa Monica boutique
Gray Suede Boots: Sam Edelman at TJ Maxx for like $20 bucks on freakin clearance! How amazing is that???
Bracelet: Charming Charlies

Now my headpieces! These or something similar will go on Etsy soon. I'll also be listing a couple boots on ebay within the next couple days. I'll be on vaca the whole month of June and moving at the end of the month....this lady needs machioooo dinerooooo!!!!! a-aheadpiece2 a-aheadpiece1

Monday, May 7, 2012

Livin in up in Winnetka Heights (Maybe)

a-a-redboots-main Hello ever-y-body!!! Im about to start my final paper for history and plan on finishing it tonite so that I can get on with tha summa, babyyy!! Wooo! Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!
Moving on, I have been lookin 'round these parts (Arlington) and Dallas for a cool new place to call home. I found some awesome apartments here in Arlington in front of UTA called Vintage Pads, where they have renovated an old building into one that has really amazing interiors. This is of importance to me as I am attending school for interior design/ architecture, my passion!!! Anywho, glossy bamboo floors/ granite countertops and mosaic tile backsplash in the kitchen and funky orange accent paint are among some pluses! The only drawback is that they only have 1 bedrooms, as I'm assuming its mostly targeted for students, females, I would think. I did find a really cool duplex in historic Winnetka Heights recently and am going to see it tomorrow. Lots of vintage charm as well and an amazing robins egg blue paint in the living room, solid hardwood floors through out. I hope its as lovely as it looks in the pictures. Its near Bishop Arts District too and Kessler Park where there are trails for jogging and bike riding! So exciting. Anywho, I found this dress while thrifting and it reminded me of a picture my mom had of her old comadre back in the oldern days, and I mean pre-me times. She was wearing boots similar to these in the picture, so I thought I would replicate the look. Have a good nite yall! a-a-redboots5 a-a-redboots1 a-a-redboots6 a-a-redboots2 a-a-redboots7 a-a-redboots9

Outfit Details Dress: Thrifted - edme' & esyllie Red Vintage Boots - Buffalo Exchange Necklace - Buffalo Exchange