Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New DIY: Hippie Headpieces!

Oops!  Sometimes I forget to smile.

Hello ev-er-y-body!  Hope you have had a good past few days.  Im thrilled to say that in a couple of weeks, I'll be FREE FREE from school for a while, allowing me some spare time to get my creative juices re-flowing.  Mid May, Im visiting sis in Austin to take some shots of some fine vintage attire for our etsy store and I'm making some lovely head pieces - a little hippie, bohemian, egyptian - that I hope to list as well.  The one I'm wearing in this shot is very hippie chic.  Great for fun festivals in the summer time with a tank and cut off shorts.  Whatchu thank?  Think they will sell?

K, on to rhetoric paper writing.  Have a swell one.









Outfit Details:
Crop Sweater - BDG - Urban Outfitters
Skirt - Petite Poise - Buffalo Exchange
Lace Up Boots - Frye Villager via Ebay
Daisy Headpiece - DIY via MOI

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Jade Suede, Buckle Straps, and Polka Dots


Quick post of todays outfit as it seems everybody needs something today. Have a good nite yall.







Outfit Details:
Dress - Sparkle & Fade - Urban Outfitters
Jade Belt  - Thrifted
Polka Dot Tights - H&M
Jade Platforms - who else but Jeffrey Campbell via
Necklace - Buffalo Exchange
LipStick - Mac So Chaud
Hair Color: Time to touch up those Roots!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Casual Friday


Casual Friday, we all look forward to it. Because we get to wear jeans to work? Maybe. Because its Friday. DEFINITELY.





Outfit Details:
Layers o Ruffles Cool Lace Top - American Retro via Buffalo Exchange (during my CA trip!)
Waffle Tank - Miley Cyrus for Max Azria - Wal Mart
Jeans - Nobody via Buffalo Exchange in Santa Monica
Boots - Dolce Vita via Free People
Necklace - Purchased from a girl at Work - It reminds me of Mexico...not the country, the song by Cake...
Lipstick is Mac - So Chaud

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Today, My Name is Fay


Evening folks. Tonite I got to wear my first designer piece, a lovely sequin and wool dress by Marc Jacobs, one of my favorite designers of all time. Did you guys see that movie with Anne Hathaway "One Day"....when she lived in Paris and was all sophisticated and stuff meeting her old friend....the halter dress she was wearing? Remember? I loooooved that dress and had been looking for one similar. This is close enough, and I found it at Buffalo Exchange to top it all off! $34 for a dress originally costing over $400. Nuts, eh? It fits super well, comfy wide waistband and full circle skirt, plus the scallop detail is so pretty. The sequins add a bit o pizzazz to it all! Hope I don't throw it in the wash one day and shrink the heck out of it as I usually do with wool items. I wore it with some rad burgundy heels I found at Forever 21...once again, had been searching high and low for burgundy shoes and lo and behold, there they were for a mere 24 doll hairs.
One other thing, I visited this vintage/ antique store a while back, couple years ago maybe...Dolly Python, in Dallas, and I fell in love with it. I even thought, "Man, Im going to do a whole blog posting about this place." Yes, that awesome!!! Just recently, my coworkers and I went during our lunch break (fellow fashionistas/shopoholics), and I fell in love alllllll over again, in a bad BAD way. I found this amazing little purse with such gorgeous detail and color. Embossed roses and the name "Fay" on the front. The cashier asked me if my name was Fay. It is now buddy!!!!








Outfit Details:
"Honey" Wool and Sequin Halter Dress - Marc by Marc Jacobs via Buffalo Exchange
Lace Tank - (Because Im an uber conservative mama) - thrifted
Huge ol Diamonds! Necklace - Buffalo Exchange
Burgundy Heels - Forever 21
Awesome Tooled and Embossed Purse - Dolly Python - Dallas

Nite Ya'll!