Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Wanna Get Away

Work has been super busy lately and I feel like getting away again. I'll take my sweet boy and we will discover new places and see new sights and eat new food and stay in hotel rooms. Maybe beautiful hilly Nashville again or possibly the plateaus of Santa Fe. Who knows. Somewhere I don't know anybody. Anywhere but here. And when he gets a little older, maybe I can do the above with someone that thinks I'm the bees knees and that I think is the living end. Wouldn't that be heaven!

This is what I wore to work today. I got my new Jeffrey Campbell Litas in the mail yesterday and had to wear them right away. Im kind of wishing I had bought black. Maybe when they are back in stock everywhere I will. Not now though.
Vintage Lace top - thrifted
American Eagle Cargo Khakis
Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoes
Rose necklace - Buffalo Exchange
MAC Ravishing lipstick

I've been wanting to get a velvet turban pretty badly lately. A burgundy one....I have been unable to find one on ebay or etsy that is reasonably priced to me so I looked on youtube and learned how to make one! Its super easy! Soon you will see me sporting turbans all the time. Ha. I josh (yet am completely serious).
Also, Ive made it a goal to learn how to use my darn camera. Ive been unmotivated to blog because of my crappy looking pictures. I borrowed a video that should teach me so I hope to have fab photos very soon!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Come On Legs and Your Panty Ho

Lyric Courtesy of Kings of Leon - Not Saying I have come on legs by any means. ha!
Vintage Top Via Buffalo Exchange Austin
Suede Skirt via Etsy
BCBG heels via Ebay

I've been feeling a bit melancholy lately. Its nothing to worry about tho. This happens every once in a while and then I move on. Anywho, this time around, I've felt jealous, I suppose, of responsible adults that live on their own. I am going to be living at the back of my parents house for a long long time. At least 3 years while I finish school, that is for sure. I guess Im just craving independence, like my sisters have. Or even my brother. He lives here and he is very independent. Geez. I'll get over this. Im thankful that my parents help me with my sweet little boy. And they gave me all these rooms....I just took over them and did whatever I wanted and they didn't care. My dad does my laundry for me for goodness sakes!!!! I dont have to buy food or toilet paper!!!! This place allows me to get my creative juices flowing and actually do my much loved side projects. But still I feel stuck. Gaaaaahhhh
Breath.....Deep breaths.....this will pass.
Anywho, this is one of my outfits from last week. I adore the skirt. I got it on etsy. Got this rad vintage shirt on my, not last, but previous to last trip to Austin. I love it.
Oh, ya. Another thing, Ive decided to read up on vegetarian/ veganism again. I need to get reconnected. Seems my health has not been as great with meat in my diet. I start the gym next Wednesday too.....much much needed endorphines. I want to feel confident like my bro. Its a good feeling, I want it back.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Austin City Limits 2010



This years ACL was a blast. I was able to go with my sister Nance-meister. First day, was a bit of a disaster, but after that, it was pretty heavenly. Although last years line-up, in my opinion, was better, this year's shows were more memorable for me.
Day 1 - we arrive at the venue, beautiful Zilker Park, to find out Nan's ticket was a fake. The guy we got it from looked super shady. Its hard to tell whats real and what isnt when you go through Craigslist. Tickets sold out super fast and of course we are procrastinators. So day 1, I was a solo festival-goer. I knew I wanted to see the Black Keys first. They were at one of the bigger stages, so I pushed through a huge huge crowd to get to what was pretty close to the front. I was patiently waiting for about 30 minutes in the hot sun and the mixed scents of mary-jane and cigarrettes. I had not eaten that day (I had Starbucks on our way to Austin) and had no beverages stashed in my huge bag...Needless to say, I started feeling sick, like vomit sick. I was in middle of this huge packed crowd about to vomit on everything and everybody around me. Show hadn't started yet, but I knew I needed to get out of there. I sat down for a few minutes to see if it would help....it did, but not for long. I started walking out, but the crowd seemed to be never-ending and so jam packed. I had to sit down for a bit. A kind hippie type generously gave me half their granola bar. After about 15 minutes, I started heading back again. By the time I was out of the crowd, the band started playing, but I felt awful. I headed to get some food and sat there for a good hour, eating and drinking. I started feeling better and headed to see Beach House. Love Love Love them. The show was a real treat. I love her conversations with the crowd. They dont make much sense, but it was endearing and charming. Ha. Ater that, I went to the merch table and got Seb an ACL T (which he wore for school picture day) and called Nan up to see what the heck she was doing. She came and picked me up about an hour later and we hung out on Red River for a while...there was a bunch of after shows and such. We had a blast. I didn't take much pictures that day besides my outfit later than nite, because, well, I was concentrating on not vomiting on all the festival goers.

Festival Outfit Day 1:
Moda International prairie dress via Buffalo Exchange
Black Stoned and Waisted Belt via Buffalo Exchange
Amazing Feather Earring via Aloralay on Etsy. Check out her shop here
Jessica Simpson Dany platforms (I didnt wear these to the festival by the way...wore some comfy boots)
Day 2: We were able to get Nan a ticket to the festival via ebay thank goodness, so next couple days were wonderful. Saturday, we woke up early and headed straight to the festival. We saw Balmhorea first. Their music is so beautiful, mostly instrumental. We just sat in the grass and relaxed a bit, then headed to see Lissie. She was so adorable and extremely talented. Her voice is amazing and she is great with the crowd. After that, Nan had to see Pete Yorn and we had to be up front, so we headed straight there and waiting a good 30 minutes for it to start up. We saw Local Natives (rocked my socks off!), a bit of Monsters of Folk, LCD Soundsystem, and then Muse, which we had to get up front for as well. I had seen them not too long ago in Fort Worth, so I knew they had a fantastic laser show going and was looking forward to that. It was the highlight of my day.
Outfit Day 2:
Vintage white hippie shirt - thrifted via Savers Austin
Rich n Skinny Jean Shorts Via Buffalo Exchange
Peace Mocs via Ebay!
Feather necklace via Forever 21
Vintage belt via L.A. flea market


Pete Yorn!

Local Natives!

Monsters of Folk!


Day 3 consisted of Devendra Banhart, Dawes (who were kind enough to take photographs with their fans and discuss music w/ em!), the Morning Benders, Edward Sharpe, and last and certainly not least, Band of Horses. That show was so much fun. Unfortunately, I didnt take my camera on the last day...that thing is heavy! All in all, it was an amazing time. Cant wait for next years!


Thursday, September 30, 2010

Once a Cheat, Always a Cheat

Have you guys ever forgotten you had something and when you found it you realized how cool you were or that you have some pretty amazing things? I hope so, because its a great feeling. Ha. I just found a really cool belt that i had forgotten I purchased a couple years back in California and it is quite the piece! It made my heart swell up and explode with good feelings. Yep.
Anywho, Im going to cheat a little bit on this posting, along with probably the next few. We just started up our little etsy store and took a ton of pictures. Because I am limited to what I can upload to etsy, I am going to post a few more here, an outfit a day. Karina, Nancy, and I went out to the outskirts of town and asked some folks to use their pretty scenery for some photos. They happily obliged! These shots, however, were on the side of the road beside the gym and the high school. Pretty nice, eh? Hope you enjoy.
P.S. This lovely dress is for sale here for only $75 bucks! Don't judge. There are folks that sell their stuff for a ton more. We have some deals going! Check it!
Wow yall! We made the "no sale shops worth menioning" on etsy! In other words, we have a cool new shop! N Free advertising!! Click n See!







P.P.S. Im listening to Fanfarlo and loving it. I wonder if they will be at ACL. A must see. Big geeks having a good time playing lovely music.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

As Promised...More Kings of Leon + Tonites Cadillac Sky

Buenas noches todos! It is a late posting today - 1:08 AM to be exact. But I downloaded all the KoL Pictures (courtesy of Angie Castille - the girl standing next to me at the show) and then a couple from tonites show in Arlington. Im wearing my glasses because somehow I lost one of my contacts after the KoL show. Ya, I know...it can only happen to me. Odd. Cadillac Sky played tonite. They are a banjo-playing, blue grass singin bunch of youngsters from the area. They really put on a show - comedy included - for the crowd. It was very enjoyable. It was Sebastiens first concert and nite at a bar. Heh. But, it was a family affair. Lots of other kids were there as well. A few friends showed up later in the nite, which I do appreciate! Anywho, enjoy the photos below!
The Black Keys...Once Again

Kings of Leon

Cadillac Sky

Friday, September 24, 2010

Kings of Leon at Superpages - Dallas Tejas







Outfit Details:
Eliot Cami Top via Buffalo Exchange Austin
Rich & Skinny Cut Off Shorts via Buffalo Exchange Dallas
Beige Lace Up Boots - Forever 21
Blue Necklace from Mexico - Gifted from an amigo - Jurrrrrr
Deux Lux Wallet via Nancy via Buffalo Exchange

So the afternoon started early....I was going to get right up front, no doubt so we (Rad Pants Nance and I) got to the SuperPages Center super early at around 5:30. Unfortunately, we had to kill time - about 3o minutes because they were not letting anybody in until 6. We sat around in the car taking goofy pictures of ourselves. Ya, I know. Super vain. Anywho, we got in and sat for another 1.5 hrs at the venue for the first band to start.
Man, this show was soo so great. We were up so close to the point that we were able to make eye contact with the folks on stage. It was pretty freakin cool. I think Jared Folowill wanted me to be his girlfriend. Haha. Ahem....Yeahhhhh. Moving on....The show included The Whigs, Black Keys, and Kings of Leon of course. I was able to take decent pictures of The Whigs (the first act and not exactly my cup of tea - they were very classic rock to me. I dont know??). But as soon as Black Keys were about to come on, my camera battery died. Ughhh. Very frustrating. So all the rest of the pictures I'll be posting will be iPhone pictures. The girl next to me was sweet enough to offer her pictures to me. I should have access to those tomorrow. I'll post a few tomorrow pm. Hers were pretty amazing.
The Whigs - Like I said before, not my cup-o-tea. We all have different tastes, however you might love them. They are harder rock than I prefer.


This is where the pictures start getting bad.

The Black Keys were amazazazing. Made ya wanna shake your hips - this band was very up-beat but blue-sy too. I loved them so!



And now on to Kings of Leon! I have a ton of these...all awful unfortunately. Caleb was in a good mood - maybe because his momma was there to watch and because he had had a couple of shots. He kept smiling at his brothers. He looks like a little boy. So sweet. Nathan was cool on the drums/ back up vocals. Matthew was being a goofball. He was, what appeared like, playing his guitar with his mouth for a while. Trying to impress mama, I guess. And he had a cigarrette (bad for ya kids) on the side of his mouth for a good while. I tried to take a picture. His bro, Jared, on the other had, was hot hot hot! I was just talking to my sister about this subject the other day. Usually, it is shoes and clothes that I find amazingly beautiful, like woah! This fella, however, took my freakin breath away. Its like, WOW! Piercing blue eyes, tall, dark, n handsome. MMMMM. Anwho, ha, I was able to snag one of the set lists. Yeahhh! And our tickets allowed us 2 free drinks per. These were going for $8 and $12 dollars. Ridunculous. So that was a plus!








What a wonderful nite!