Sunday, February 27, 2011

If I had money, I'd buy a new BMX!!

Good evening folks. This weekend was a thrilling one. There is a slight amount of sarcasm in that previous statement.
I did, however, have the most delicious fish tacos with lots of garlic and I did indeed fail miserably at riding bikes with a group of folks. Seems the combination of being completely out of shape/ previous nite of cocktails/ and the fact that I had a high resistance on the bike setting wore me out in the first couple miles or so. I was out of breath and shaky, so I had to stop while the rest of the group went. My sweet sister stayed with me and we went to the Spiral Diner for nourishment. After that, we went home and watched Happy Gilmore and Billy Madison. I fell asleep on the couch...... This is what I wore.



Vintage Ruffle Blouse via Buffalo Exchange Austin
Vintage Button Up Skirt via CA thrift mart
Red Toms via Whole Foods. Ha.

On a side note, is it wrong that Im totally copying Nicole Richie's House of Harlow headpieces? I've made two. Im making this one next. Beats spending $400 or more a pop!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Melt My Heart to Stone


Today was the quickest work day ever. Besides feeling like I was punched in my right eye, It was nice. This is what I wore.







Velvet Bodysuit - vintage American Apparel
Skirt - Thrifted via 1/2 off at the Salvation Army
Suede Boots - Deena & Ozzy via Ebay
Necklace - Just broke!! - via Buffalo Exchange

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sad Songs and Waltzes Arent Selling This Year

Buenos nachos all! Im starting off by saying Im newly motivated to lose the pounds this winter hibernation has brought along. Heh. I found this amazing leather fringe skirt for super cheap on the interweb and received it today. Tag reads size 1/2. Tried the darn thing on and the zipper stays open in the shape of a wide wide V. Not even close to zipping up. Ughhhhhhh.... I suppose my bathing suit enclosed in glass was not motivation enough. We shall see if the skirt will get me going. Enough of the sad song pity party....those aren't selling this year apparently.



Anywho, I got a good shipment of ebay purchases today. Im super excited about the projects I have coming up and the styling I get to do with my mini purchases. What is it exactly I have planned, you say? Do tell, you say? Oh, you didnt say that? Well Im going to tell you anyway......Im thrilled about the punk rock studding Im going to do to all my jackets and jeans. Ha. I have this little red Target number in mind to start off. Im nervous because this jacket is a very cool/ very wearable. Not an experiment I want going wrong, so I want to practice on something I really wont miss to start off with. Any old DIY punk rockers out there experienced in studding that wouldn't mind giving me some pointers?



studded jackets
Heavily studded jacket is by Discount/ White Fringe one unknown

I also bought these really rad belly dance scarves that I hope to style up real soon. Maybe at a concert with some cut off shorts as pictured below - check out Oracle Fox's blog by the way. A visual adventure, to say the least. Click on the picture and I'll link you.


Also as I have said many a times before. The best time to buy winter coats is when they are out of season or about to be. SALES SALES SALES! I scored this faux shearling cascading beauty in the Victoria Secret catalog for 60% off. Such a steal. Boots are on sale right now too. Click the jacket and I'll link you to the VS site. Hurry tho, I think they are getting low on these. Now tell me, how you like dem apples?


Sunday, February 20, 2011

It was the Best of Times and it was the Worst of Times


Goooood evening all! I had a fun and eventful weekend road trippin to Austin, TX (one of my favorite cities of all time). My sister and my little guy all piled in a car Friday nite and headed down for the weekend. All was well...we stopped by some fast food joints on the way over and got to the hotel at 10 or 11ish. We pretty much hit the sack right when we arrived. Next day, we woke and I had set my alarm for noon so that I could purchase my ticket for Bonnaroo and not miss out like I did for Coachella. When I looked in my wallet for my debit card, wouldnt ya know, it was missing. I searched everywhere for it. The car/ hotel room/ jeans pockets/ purse. Nowhere to be found. My sis called the fast food joint from the previous nite, and lo and behold, they had it. It was in Waco, TX, however, about an hour and a half away. To my absolute horror, I checked my twitter about a couple hours later and tier 3 Bonnaroo tickets had sold out!!!! It drove me insane. So, now Im unsure if im going to my beloved music festival....makes me sad.
Enough of that adventure. Onto the next.....The following day was a bit muggy/ foggy/ humid, so we decided to make it our thrift/ vintage shopping day. I stopped at my local bank branch and withdrew some cash to make up for my missing card... We found a ton of cute little vintage shops all over Austin. I hit the motherload again at Buffalo Exchange. I received a little over $130 in credit for exchanging clothes I no longer wore. My sister found some vintage cat eye glasses at one of the little vintage shops as well. We ate delicious food all day long and even got to see Justin Long at the Bouldin Creek Restaurant. Boy, were we star struck!
*Cheap Cheap and New Bohemia are right next to each other. Good prices!


*Amelias - Found some super cute dresses - Ok Pricing. Had the pleasure of meeting the store's kitty cat. Always a pleasure.


*Flashback - Amazing stuff. See Navy Dress Below. A bit too pricey for me.


Following day, weather was perfection. We had some delish breakfast and headed to the trails at Lake Travis. We had fun walking/ people watching/ napping/ and taking pictures. Although it seems I've missed my chance at another music festival, it was a wonderful time/ weekend. Will definitely do it soon!

*Had some fun with photoshop on a few of these!








Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I found the Motherload of all Motherloads


Happy to say I scored hugely at 1/2 day at the thrift mart. You see that grin on my face? Not because I was accepted to UTA. Not because we finished all Seb's homework. Its because I scored hugely. Some gems for the store and some for yours truly. I think we both come out winners!

Below is what I wore:


Western Button Up Blouse - Fossil - Gifted from Nan the Man
Steel Blue Gray Velvet Trumpet skirt - Thrifted via another 1/2 off day at the Salvation Army. Woo!
Gray Flower Tights - Forever 21
Nude Platform Heels - Aldo (Not good for thrifting, might I add)
Pink and Green Charm Necklace - Thrifted

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Peachy Keen Tuesday

Holy Machanoly! What a day!
Just kidding...another typical Tuesday. I did, however, find out the line up for the upcoming Bonnaroo Music Festival In Manchester, TN. I am just OK with it. Not WOWed at all. Coachella blew me away at first sight. I wish that was how I felt about this one - the one I am attending, But it is not. I got my Avett Brothers tickets in the mail last Friday and purchased my Kings of Leon tickets on Saturday. I have alot to look forward to music-wise. Those combined with Bonnaroo should do it for me. I also heard there is a new Radiohead album coming out which had me once again floating on a cloud....Let's keep on floating, eh?

And the reason for the post, my outfit for the day...taken in my typical poses...the side look, the looking down pose, the "whats over there?" pose, and the "im trying to be somewhat creative" effort.






Outfit Details:
Crocheted Dress - Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
Gray Sweater - Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
Shiny Peach Leggings - American Apparel
Southwestern Belt - Thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
Boots - Steve Madden
Peach Feather Necklace - Forever 21
Peach Lipstick - MAC Chatter Box

Monday, February 14, 2011

FreeBird Vintage - New Listings

Added some new items to the good old Etsy store. Below are just a few. Click on the picture to check it out on Etsy. Also, I added a couple links on the right side bar to a couple stores that I think are awesome. Check them both out as well. I'll try to dress somewhat cute tomorrow and do a decent outfit post. Till then, arrivaderci!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days

Title should actually be iced in! I went to work a total of 1.5 days this week due to icy road conditions. I managed to upload a few new items in our little etsy store/ altered a bunch of vintage finds I had bought a while back/ and made velvet turbans for the shop. My little munchkin was sick so we visited the pediatrician and filled both his and my dermatologist prescriptions. So all in all, I suppose, it wasn't a total loss, this week. I do, however, have to cancel our spring break trip so that I can get paid for these few unplanned days off. Instead of Seb's trip to Portland and L.A., its a trip to Grapevine interior water park! Yaaaaa!

Oh, I also went to get some healthy groceries Thurs nite! Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries/ avocados/ fresh carrot chips/ sliced mushrooms, etc. etc. etc. to start my "Food Revolution". Went to the local gym where all the meat heads go to. Im starting next week. After all that, I went to the local Mickey Ds and got a burger and fries. Two steps forward, one step back. Its still one step ahead, eh????

Well, this is what I wore the past few days. J/k. Just today. Ahem.....:southwestern4jpg



Southwestern Sweater is from Forever 21
Jeggings are from Target
Boots are Jeffrey Campbell via Lori's Online
New Glossy Red Lipstick is Urban Decay (I think)
Corduroy Fedora is from Lei from Wal Mart ($5 Score!!!)

Below are some pics of my Turban Headbands and a link if you are interested:
Click here for Etsy