Sunday, February 19, 2012

Battleship Galactica


Happy Sunday all! Hope everyone had a good weekend. By the time this is up and posted, I will have spent a very merry weekend in Austin, TX, visiting my sister and friends and going to estate sales, thrifting, eating like there was no tomorrow, and in general, just keeping Austin weird. I'll probably take some pictures of our mini vaca this weekend to post on the blogulet and let you know how rad of a time we had.
This is actually Friday's outfit, but I will have probably worn these space inspired galactic leggings all weekend long because I just cant resist their awesomeness. They are very similar to the Black Milk galaxy leggings, which are a bit pricy. I actually bought mine from (not a porn site, but an amazing website full of killer clothing and rockin shoes, man!!!) at a cheaper rate. They fit well and the design is wonderful and wonderous. They have great sales constantly, which is a plus for this cheap and constantly broke lady. I purchased some awesome Jeffrey Campbell suede bow platforms for about $70 recently along with these lovely leggings and surprisingly they have spiked Litas in stock!!! Unfortunately I had to return my size 7s for 6.5s as they run a bit big. Anywho, I recommend you check em out out! Click me to go to the Nasty Gal site.
Well, hope you all have good times this week as well. Back to the ol ball game tomorrow, huh? No more day dreaming and sleeping in. Back to the routine of 2 hours of sleep at nite and black under eye circles in the morning. No, yes? Tell me your routines and such. Let me know I'm actually getting some views, even if you are family and/ or friends, a comment. No? Ok.





Took some inside shots too. Actually not as blurry as they usually are. I like the colorful-ness. I am, after all, a lover of color. Hope this first one isn't too creepy for ya. :-/




Outfit Details:
Gray Under-tank - Target
Gray Tank with Black Piping - Ross for like $4
Galactic Leggings -
OTK Heather Gray Socks - Urban Outfitters
Black Suede Boots - Dolce Vita via (on sale for super cheap)
Record Player Necklace - Nancy's (but now mine, muahahahahahaha!)
Bright Pink Lipstick - Elizabeth Arden - Pink Vibrations

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