Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Jeffrey Campbell Snicks
I was looking online for discounted Jeffrey Campbell shoes and found some on this website. A little gangsta, but i found my beloved Jeffrey Campbell Snicks on there for $105 compared to $165 everywhere else! Plus additional discounts - 20% off to be exact. Plus I signed up to represent to get free stuff! Holla!!!

Use "artishard81" in rep code at check out and get 20% off - pretty darn good!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For a Lonely Sole, You're Having Such a Nice Time

Outfit Details: Forever 21 top/ Filippa K skirt - Buffalo Exchange - LA, CA/ Jeffrey Campbell heels/ Thrifted blue belt

Life has been pretty swell lately. My ipod is back alive (fresh new battery installed) and you do not even know how much I appreciate it. Seriously. I downloaded a ton-o new music. Looking forward to my long drive to and from work manana to listen to it. Ive been listening to alot of Abraham lately and Ive newly fallen in love with that band. Ive made plans to see John Mayer next weekend with some friends. So thrilled! KoL concert coming up very soon as well! EEEEEKKK! I got a ton of new records and Im in love with my record player. Its my current obsession as of now.
I got quite few new heels that I love. I hope to take some photos featuring my lovelies very soon. Ive been thrifting and found some gems which I will also feature.
Family is wonderful! For fellow J-Dubs, I finally got my card transferred to my new hall. Yes..All is well....I will post more later tator.

Hugs and Kisses (better take it now, cuz odds are I wont be as cheery later!) - Mars Bars

Friday, August 13, 2010

Unwanted Longing

I dislike the fact that after I watch a move with love involving this fictionally fantastic man, that I long to find someone. I need to stop watching movies and get back to keeping busy with sewing/ constructing/ redesigning/ concerts/ music lessons with sebas and other anything else.....