Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Maybe I'll Catch Fire


I've been listening to the Alkaline Trio lately, being a bit nostalgic and such and remembering my youth. Good times. In this post of awfully blurry shots, Im wearing more bell bottoms. The color of these puppies is great...reminds me of my dad's old bell bottoms. Gosh my dad is great. In the pictures, the jeans look extremely unflattering. Its the angle I think, because these fit wonderfully and look great, even on my messed up 12 year old boy physique.

Anywho, have the best night, ok?




Outfit Details:
Lace Detail Jacket - Forever 21
Black Tank - Target
Bell Bottom Jeans - Free People
Roses Vintage Belt - swap meet in Melrose, CA
Cascading Flowers necklace - gift from Nan
I don't remember what shoes I was wearing....cant see them anyhow
Rings - Forever 21