Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Midnight Music in the Moonlight


There are is this song lyric, by Abraham, a band from Louisiana, that is the sweetest thing. "Cozy up to a roaring fire, turn on the player with my favorite LP. Dance with my woman in the kitchen late into the night cuz thats the way things are supposed to be." I've been wanting to build a porch in my backyard for who knows how long so I can keep my door open on summer nights and lounge out there while playing my records and maybe dancing (with myself, ahem) to beautiful music at times. Isn't that just magical n dreamy?

This is what I wore to work today:

Outfit Details:
Caramel Sweater - Bandolino - Buffalo Exchange - I think
Navy Dress - Le Lis Blanc - Thrifted via Salvation Army
Tye Dye Navy Tank - Miley Cyrus for Max Azria via Wal Mart
Lace up Boots - Bronx via Ebay
Vintage Butterfly Belt- Stolen from my sister - because that seems to be what sisters do.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Etsy Fav: Feather Heart Flower Trading Co

I just wanted to tell you folks about one of my most grandious finds on the 'ol etsy site. I recently purchased a really cute foxtail charm from this adorable lady and am in complete and total/ desperately/ sick to my stomach/ cant stop thinking about it/ don't know what to do with myself type of love with her stuff. Check it out and see for yourself. I bet you'll feel the same way too.
She sells all natural teas/ herbal stuff and handmade jewelry using leather/ turquoise n such. Another wonderful thing about this shop is she will custom make a piece for you, for instance, I liked her astrology sign necklace with the charms, but because I don't believe any of that psycho-bable, I asked if she could make the personalized name necklace and add some charms to it. How sweet, eh? She also sells some vintage. I found a very earthy dress on there that Im going to purchase on Wednesday, so don't you go trying to steal it from me!!!! I will not put a link to that one, but all others, just click on the picture and I'll link you to the item. Yous velcomes.

The pictured is the one I purchased. Im linking to the one she has listed. If you like the above, theres no harm in asking for a custom!

Im getting the chain length and maybe a crystal and leaf charm with the second personalized leather piece. Sweet sauce, hmmm?

Aren't these amazazaing? Great for music festivals n that sort of fare.

Easily one of my favorites. Im purchasing this piece too on Wednesday. Killaaaaa!

Is this not a beaut? Golly willikers, I want it.

Anywho, seems we will be having a photo shoot n posting some etsy stuff ourselves this weekend. Good times to be had. May be doing it as we speak! See you soon sweetie pie hunny buns.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Its the Weekend Baby

Gday good folks. Its the weekend and this is what I wore to casual Friday. Yippady doo dah day!!
Do you guys have any excitement planned for the weekend?









Outfit Details:
Burnt Orange Floppy Hat - ebay
Billy Reid Black Guitar Tee- thrifted via Buffalo Exchange
Fringe Vest - Ebay - but you can find it at for a ton more. HAAAAA!
Silence & Noise High Waist skinnies - Platos closet
Xhiliration Cork n Suede Wedges - Target

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Floating midst the Constellations

I skipped the gym again to work on my projects. Its heavy duty the rest of the week tho. :-) Don't fret! My work will be worth it. You will see. This is what I wore today. This little bugger wanted to join in on the picture taking fun. Sorry for the sour face. The stars were blinding me. Oh, and please dont criticize my Photoshop skills! Im an art school drop out! That combined with lazy/ haziness.

AAT 69a.  The faint reflection nebula around M20 (wide field)


Outfit Details:
Express Leopard Dress - Thrifted
Bow Clog Heels - Forever 21
Ruby Woo Mac Lipstick

On Seb - All Target - All the Time

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Its in the Way she Often Calls me Out

Im listening to Kings of Leon on vinyl. Makes me pretty happy, this album. Im disappointed Jared Folowill is dating Twilight girl. I might have found someone to fix my big console record player too. Im expecting a call back manana! This is what I wore yesterday, but Im posting it today. Ye mind?
Outfit Deats:
jovovich hawk for Target dress
pink tank from target
Vince Camuto boots via ebay

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Man, It feels good to be a Gangsta


I thought I looked a bit gangsta in these pictures. Perhaps I am. I josh. I am but a sweet innocent girl.
Anywho, let me tell you what happened last nite. I had a dream. It was about my Aunt Kathy. She passed away a couple years ago due to cancer. In my dream. My aunt was sitting on a swing. She looked youthful and beautiful. Her eyes were a gorgeous shade of blue. She was just staring straight ahead and slightly smiling. We (my uncle, my mom, myself and my sisters) walked passed her towards my uncles house. I was freaked out, but my uncle sat down next to her. It was as if she was trying to comfort him without saying a word. My uncle came inside and she followed later but she turned into a cat or a dog so as to not scare the children in the house. This was not a good dream yall, I was freaking out the whole time. All of a sudden I heard a really loud banging noise. I woke up. Obviously something had fallen. I turned on the lights in my "living room" and saw that two of my paintings had fallen off the wall. I know it was a coinky-dink, but geez!! Needless to say, I kept my feet and hands from going off the bed and tucked into my covers the rest of the night.
This is one of my latest outfits. I just got the tights recently from I just went to their site recently, and saw a ton of others that I loved. Pretty good prices too. I'll be purchasing more vera vera soon.
Outfit Details From Head to Toe:
Red turban - thrifted
Red V neck Sweater - $4 at Target!!
Vintage Levis Cut Offs - Urban Outfitters
Leopard Print Tights - - link at sidebar of blog
Studded Suedette Boots - Charles Albert via Buffalo Exchange

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leather on a Monday

Life has been pretty busy lately. I have been working out 4 times a week to get buff by next month. Im feeling it. Im sore all over. SXSW is this weekend and Im pretty thrilled. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of great bands....listening to amazing music. Pretty wonderful if you ask me. I also took the day off Friday to take Seb to Six Flags while he is still on Spring Break.
Anywho, this is actually Monday's outfit. Yes, I wore a leather dress to the workplace. I tamed it with a heather gray sweater and a pretty belt I found at Anthropologie this weekend. I am in love with that store....I will be a designer there some day. :-)
Another thing....I promise to start taking pictures outside my humble abode. I know it gets boring. Im going to take my tripod and camera with me every day and I'll stop and take some pictures out in different semi interesting places. I want some cool pictures.Do you guys have any other suggestions that might get this ol blog noticed/ make it more interesting?
Outfit Details:
Vintage Leather Dress - Buffalo Exchange
Heather Gray Sweater - J Crew thrifted
Textured Tights - Express
Black Leather Wedges - Aldo

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Double Vision


It was an easy breezy Sunday. Went to church/ watched a few movies/ and ate delicious food. Played around a bit with Photoshop on these due to the crapiness of the photos. This is what I wore.








Outfit Deets:
Striped Dress: Ebay Purchase
BCBG Shoes
Obi belt via Ebay
Flower Necklace - gift from my sis, Nan the Man