Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Man, It feels good to be a Gangsta


I thought I looked a bit gangsta in these pictures. Perhaps I am. I josh. I am but a sweet innocent girl.
Anywho, let me tell you what happened last nite. I had a dream. It was about my Aunt Kathy. She passed away a couple years ago due to cancer. In my dream. My aunt was sitting on a swing. She looked youthful and beautiful. Her eyes were a gorgeous shade of blue. She was just staring straight ahead and slightly smiling. We (my uncle, my mom, myself and my sisters) walked passed her towards my uncles house. I was freaked out, but my uncle sat down next to her. It was as if she was trying to comfort him without saying a word. My uncle came inside and she followed later but she turned into a cat or a dog so as to not scare the children in the house. This was not a good dream yall, I was freaking out the whole time. All of a sudden I heard a really loud banging noise. I woke up. Obviously something had fallen. I turned on the lights in my "living room" and saw that two of my paintings had fallen off the wall. I know it was a coinky-dink, but geez!! Needless to say, I kept my feet and hands from going off the bed and tucked into my covers the rest of the night.
This is one of my latest outfits. I just got the tights recently from romwe.com. I just went to their site recently, and saw a ton of others that I loved. Pretty good prices too. I'll be purchasing more vera vera soon.
Outfit Details From Head to Toe:
Red turban - thrifted
Red V neck Sweater - $4 at Target!!
Vintage Levis Cut Offs - Urban Outfitters
Leopard Print Tights - Romwe.com - link at sidebar of blog
Studded Suedette Boots - Charles Albert via Buffalo Exchange

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