Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Leather on a Monday

Life has been pretty busy lately. I have been working out 4 times a week to get buff by next month. Im feeling it. Im sore all over. SXSW is this weekend and Im pretty thrilled. Looking forward to seeing a bunch of great bands....listening to amazing music. Pretty wonderful if you ask me. I also took the day off Friday to take Seb to Six Flags while he is still on Spring Break.
Anywho, this is actually Monday's outfit. Yes, I wore a leather dress to the workplace. I tamed it with a heather gray sweater and a pretty belt I found at Anthropologie this weekend. I am in love with that store....I will be a designer there some day. :-)
Another thing....I promise to start taking pictures outside my humble abode. I know it gets boring. Im going to take my tripod and camera with me every day and I'll stop and take some pictures out in different semi interesting places. I want some cool pictures.Do you guys have any other suggestions that might get this ol blog noticed/ make it more interesting?
Outfit Details:
Vintage Leather Dress - Buffalo Exchange
Heather Gray Sweater - J Crew thrifted
Textured Tights - Express
Black Leather Wedges - Aldo


  1. Love the skirt and is that an Anthro belt I spy?

  2. That is an anthro belt. $14 bucks! Score!!!!