Thursday, March 24, 2011

Floating midst the Constellations

I skipped the gym again to work on my projects. Its heavy duty the rest of the week tho. :-) Don't fret! My work will be worth it. You will see. This is what I wore today. This little bugger wanted to join in on the picture taking fun. Sorry for the sour face. The stars were blinding me. Oh, and please dont criticize my Photoshop skills! Im an art school drop out! That combined with lazy/ haziness.

AAT 69a.  The faint reflection nebula around M20 (wide field)


Outfit Details:
Express Leopard Dress - Thrifted
Bow Clog Heels - Forever 21
Ruby Woo Mac Lipstick

On Seb - All Target - All the Time

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