Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best Thrift Stores in Dallas/ Fort Worth Area...that I am aware of


Alrite Folks. So as many of you 9 followers of my blog know, I am a thrift store who...lover. Now, I know people who shop at thrift stores, go there for many -o- reasons. When I go, I am looking for one thing in particular. Vintage. And lots of it. For the etsy store and for myself mainly. Ha. I also like the savings. Since a large part of my clothing is vintage, I get to splurge a bit on shoes, which is my fashion passion. Yes, I am indeed the Cat in the Hat today.
Anyshmoo, below are my top 7 (the only I can think of, hahaaaaaaaa) in the Dallas/ Fort Worth, Tejas area. If you know of more please share, because I love it and I love them.

1.) Numero uno on my list, and the thrift mart I've been visiting most lately, partly because its right down the road from my work place, is The Salvation Army located at 4848 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75209. I've found many a treasure at that place...from leather pants to fancy sequin skirts. The store is huge and they have a department that is supposed to be "better" womens wear and a whole housewares section as well. Heres the kicker, every Wednesday is half off Wednesday! Im pretty sure thats at every Salvation Army as well.

2. Value World at Gus Thomasson and Ferguson Road - 4621 Gus Thomasson Rd. - Dallas, TX - The best part about this thrift store is that there are two other thrift stores across the street! Ferguson Thrift and Casa View Thrift. Value World, however, has been my saving grace since college. Ha. Its a little bit rough around the edges, unorganized, n such, but prices are fantastic and Ive found great vintage finds along with quality clothing for close to nothing. Half off day is the last Tuesday or maybe its Wednesday of the month. There is another Value world at 2223 S Buckner Blvd Ste 250 in Dallas as well. I have never had the pleasure of going, however.

3. Casa Linda Thrift at Gus Thomasson and Ferguson Rd -2215 Gus Thomasson Road - Dallas, TX - This place also has half off - whatever colored tag they choose on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This place is a bit more organized that Value World and they have a pretty good selection of shoes! I purchased an awesome velvety trumpet skirt there recently and and some really great sweaters. One that was still sold in stores. Yeahhhhowwww!

4. Good Will - 6908 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Fort Worth - Usually, I am not a fan of Good Will and their over-priced-ness. This one, however, is pretty fantastic. I found a Tory Burch dress in excellent condition at this store and the coolest southwestern tapestries. Not to mention some Ugg clogs for $3 bucks, barely worn. HECK YES!!

5. Thrift Town -1517 East Abram Street Arlington, TX 76010-7214 - Im not gonna lie. I haven't been to this one in a while, but every time I see my sister, she is wearing something schnazzy and amazing from this place. She tells me the prices are fantastic as well. Super cheap. I'll be checking this place out very very soon, I tell ya.

6. Buffalo Exchange - 3424 Greenville Avenue - Dallas, TX - This is my favorite place ever. Not completely a thrift store, but everytime I go to that place, I come out with something or a few somethings. The great thing about this place is that I can take all the clothes I no longer wear or can fit into, heh, and get credit to get new merch. Cant beat that.

7. Plato's Closet - Many Locations - Arlington, Plano, Dallas - This place is more for teens...its like Buffalo Exchange, but they buy your clothes for crap. They do however have excellent prices and cute trendy clothing.

So, thats my top 7. If you know of any others. Please share!

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