Saturday, March 26, 2011

Etsy Fav: Feather Heart Flower Trading Co

I just wanted to tell you folks about one of my most grandious finds on the 'ol etsy site. I recently purchased a really cute foxtail charm from this adorable lady and am in complete and total/ desperately/ sick to my stomach/ cant stop thinking about it/ don't know what to do with myself type of love with her stuff. Check it out and see for yourself. I bet you'll feel the same way too.
She sells all natural teas/ herbal stuff and handmade jewelry using leather/ turquoise n such. Another wonderful thing about this shop is she will custom make a piece for you, for instance, I liked her astrology sign necklace with the charms, but because I don't believe any of that psycho-bable, I asked if she could make the personalized name necklace and add some charms to it. How sweet, eh? She also sells some vintage. I found a very earthy dress on there that Im going to purchase on Wednesday, so don't you go trying to steal it from me!!!! I will not put a link to that one, but all others, just click on the picture and I'll link you to the item. Yous velcomes.

The pictured is the one I purchased. Im linking to the one she has listed. If you like the above, theres no harm in asking for a custom!

Im getting the chain length and maybe a crystal and leaf charm with the second personalized leather piece. Sweet sauce, hmmm?

Aren't these amazazaing? Great for music festivals n that sort of fare.

Easily one of my favorites. Im purchasing this piece too on Wednesday. Killaaaaa!

Is this not a beaut? Golly willikers, I want it.

Anywho, seems we will be having a photo shoot n posting some etsy stuff ourselves this weekend. Good times to be had. May be doing it as we speak! See you soon sweetie pie hunny buns.

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