Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Days

Title should actually be iced in! I went to work a total of 1.5 days this week due to icy road conditions. I managed to upload a few new items in our little etsy store/ altered a bunch of vintage finds I had bought a while back/ and made velvet turbans for the shop. My little munchkin was sick so we visited the pediatrician and filled both his and my dermatologist prescriptions. So all in all, I suppose, it wasn't a total loss, this week. I do, however, have to cancel our spring break trip so that I can get paid for these few unplanned days off. Instead of Seb's trip to Portland and L.A., its a trip to Grapevine interior water park! Yaaaaa!

Oh, I also went to get some healthy groceries Thurs nite! Greek yogurt with fresh blueberries/ avocados/ fresh carrot chips/ sliced mushrooms, etc. etc. etc. to start my "Food Revolution". Went to the local gym where all the meat heads go to. Im starting next week. After all that, I went to the local Mickey Ds and got a burger and fries. Two steps forward, one step back. Its still one step ahead, eh????

Well, this is what I wore the past few days. J/k. Just today. Ahem.....:southwestern4jpg



Southwestern Sweater is from Forever 21
Jeggings are from Target
Boots are Jeffrey Campbell via Lori's Online
New Glossy Red Lipstick is Urban Decay (I think)
Corduroy Fedora is from Lei from Wal Mart ($5 Score!!!)

Below are some pics of my Turban Headbands and a link if you are interested:
Click here for Etsy


  1. your new camera RULE-ETH! diggin the outfit, the turban, work it, mamita. and cant wait to start kickin bootay at the gym. ay la u