Friday, January 14, 2011


G'day mates If you are my facebook or twitter buddy, you already know this, but man, this Lissie album, "Catching a Tiger" is really hitting the spot for me. I absolutely love it. Especially "When Im Alone". Yall check it out. She is so passionate live also. She feels her music. You can see it. Saw her at ACL. She was fantastic and so freakin cute.

Its been an eternity since I've posted. Ive been unmotivated really. I suck at picture taking and my outdoor surroundings are just not that pretty. Interior shots are just bad with the awful lighting and my tiny little space doesnt help either.I love my space. Its just teeny tiny. I have been working to solve that issue. Im trading out my Nikon D100 with a Canon EOS Rebel XT, which is alot easier to use from what Im hearing. We shall see I suppose.

Moving on, Ive got plans yall. Big Big plans. As you all know, Im going to be attending school in the fall. Lets face it, Im going to be single forever and I need to be a self sufficient woman. I dont need nobody!! Kidding. I love my amigos/ amigas and fam like crazy. I just dont need to depend on anybody but myself soooo I applied at UT Arlington and UT Austin. Arlington is being a gazillion more times more responsive than Austin. Plus, if I attend Arlington, my parents have agreed to help out with my little chimichanga, Seb Seb. I truly appreciate that. Ive decided that I will major in Architecture and minor in Interior Design. Design is my ultimate passion, but Architecture is more practical. And when Im done, Im going to build me and Sebastien the cutest little spanish style cottage with a red tile roof and a courtyard like in the movies. Im going to build a house in the back where my parents can live and retire to if they so desire. So, I have to study hard and be amazing in my field in order to build this gorgeousness of a house. I feel I have a good aesthetic eye already, just need the skills. I cant wait!




Since I'll be super busy with work/ church meetings/ and school very soon. Im taking advantage of traveling now. I have a ton of trips planned right now. I constantly want to go to Austin. i feel at home there....its very artsy/ full of live music, which I love/ and is packed with the most delish restaurants. I hope to move there soon. I think that may be where I building my spanish hacienda. Ha. Ive given up on California. Its overpriced. Nice to visit, but I dont know about living there. Its a tough cookie.

Fashionwise, Ive made some pretty exciting purchases. Ive found alot of vintage treasure on my thrift shopping adventures and on ebay/ etsy and a ton of shoe purchases. Im am, however cutting back on the shoe purchases. Those are killing my finances. Im looking forward to showing those to you guys in upcoming posts.


  1. Very exciting indeed! Sara and I too dream of having a spanish/italian villa someday (ie. the new world). I hope to make wine. Sara wants sheep so to produce yarn for her crochet. Big Dreams. Big Plans. We pray all goes well with your Plans and that you succeed. And you are 100% about Cali WAY too overpriced. Looking forward to your next blog.

  2. Maybe I can help u build your dream home!