Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sad Songs and Waltzes Arent Selling This Year

Buenos nachos all! Im starting off by saying Im newly motivated to lose the pounds this winter hibernation has brought along. Heh. I found this amazing leather fringe skirt for super cheap on the interweb and received it today. Tag reads size 1/2. Tried the darn thing on and the zipper stays open in the shape of a wide wide V. Not even close to zipping up. Ughhhhhhh.... I suppose my bathing suit enclosed in glass was not motivation enough. We shall see if the skirt will get me going. Enough of the sad song pity party....those aren't selling this year apparently.



Anywho, I got a good shipment of ebay purchases today. Im super excited about the projects I have coming up and the styling I get to do with my mini purchases. What is it exactly I have planned, you say? Do tell, you say? Oh, you didnt say that? Well Im going to tell you anyway......Im thrilled about the punk rock studding Im going to do to all my jackets and jeans. Ha. I have this little red Target number in mind to start off. Im nervous because this jacket is a very cool/ very wearable. Not an experiment I want going wrong, so I want to practice on something I really wont miss to start off with. Any old DIY punk rockers out there experienced in studding that wouldn't mind giving me some pointers?



studded jackets
Heavily studded jacket is by Discount/ White Fringe one unknown

I also bought these really rad belly dance scarves that I hope to style up real soon. Maybe at a concert with some cut off shorts as pictured below - check out Oracle Fox's blog by the way. A visual adventure, to say the least. Click on the picture and I'll link you.


Also as I have said many a times before. The best time to buy winter coats is when they are out of season or about to be. SALES SALES SALES! I scored this faux shearling cascading beauty in the Victoria Secret catalog for 60% off. Such a steal. Boots are on sale right now too. Click the jacket and I'll link you to the VS site. Hurry tho, I think they are getting low on these. Now tell me, how you like dem apples?


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