Sunday, February 20, 2011

It was the Best of Times and it was the Worst of Times


Goooood evening all! I had a fun and eventful weekend road trippin to Austin, TX (one of my favorite cities of all time). My sister and my little guy all piled in a car Friday nite and headed down for the weekend. All was well...we stopped by some fast food joints on the way over and got to the hotel at 10 or 11ish. We pretty much hit the sack right when we arrived. Next day, we woke and I had set my alarm for noon so that I could purchase my ticket for Bonnaroo and not miss out like I did for Coachella. When I looked in my wallet for my debit card, wouldnt ya know, it was missing. I searched everywhere for it. The car/ hotel room/ jeans pockets/ purse. Nowhere to be found. My sis called the fast food joint from the previous nite, and lo and behold, they had it. It was in Waco, TX, however, about an hour and a half away. To my absolute horror, I checked my twitter about a couple hours later and tier 3 Bonnaroo tickets had sold out!!!! It drove me insane. So, now Im unsure if im going to my beloved music festival....makes me sad.
Enough of that adventure. Onto the next.....The following day was a bit muggy/ foggy/ humid, so we decided to make it our thrift/ vintage shopping day. I stopped at my local bank branch and withdrew some cash to make up for my missing card... We found a ton of cute little vintage shops all over Austin. I hit the motherload again at Buffalo Exchange. I received a little over $130 in credit for exchanging clothes I no longer wore. My sister found some vintage cat eye glasses at one of the little vintage shops as well. We ate delicious food all day long and even got to see Justin Long at the Bouldin Creek Restaurant. Boy, were we star struck!
*Cheap Cheap and New Bohemia are right next to each other. Good prices!


*Amelias - Found some super cute dresses - Ok Pricing. Had the pleasure of meeting the store's kitty cat. Always a pleasure.


*Flashback - Amazing stuff. See Navy Dress Below. A bit too pricey for me.


Following day, weather was perfection. We had some delish breakfast and headed to the trails at Lake Travis. We had fun walking/ people watching/ napping/ and taking pictures. Although it seems I've missed my chance at another music festival, it was a wonderful time/ weekend. Will definitely do it soon!

*Had some fun with photoshop on a few of these!








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