Tuesday, September 21, 2010

When the Stars go Bluuuuuue

Listening to Ryan Adams Gold Album - reason for the title. :-D



Todays Outfit:
Bebe Chevron Print dress via ebay
Red Floral Tank - Buffalo Exchange
Mossimo sweater via Target
Southwestern Necklace worn Backwards stolen from Nancy (my sister)
Carlos Santana Shoes via Ross
Vintage Red Belt
Mac Ruby Woo lipstick mixed with Rimmel London Alarm

I got this lovely dress yesterday in the mail. Wore it right away of course. My day was quite boring. Went to work. Had lunch at the Spiral Diner with my lovely sisters, Karina and Elisa. Came home and will go to my church meeting shortly. We must do a large portion of Sebastien's homework tonite since I'll be coming home late Thursday. I am having lunch with him Friday to make up for my absence. He is such a dollface.
Anyway, I found the two photos below on random sites. Im getting some rad leopard pants like these in shiny spandex. I found some velvety ones - high waisted with a zipper that I altered to get super skinny from the thrift store, but Im just instantly attracted to the ones below. Ebay maybe? And then I found this freakin fantastic dress on people.com. Alexis Bledel is so gorgeous, but the dress makes her. Im going to replicate this puppy. I need to find some fab fabric though. Fabricguru.com here i come.




  1. very cute outfit maria, looks great!!! and no im not gay just sharing my opinion. Keep posting bc you are not ignored.

  2. haa. thanks yall for such nice comments. i lo u guys!

  3. wait a freakin....I just realized you were making fun of my toes Ina.