Monday, September 20, 2010

Welcome to the Night

Todays Outfit:
White Crochet Bebe Dress via Buffalo Exchange Dallas
Black Target Tank
Jessica Simpson Danys in Black
Vintage Look Rose Necklace from Buffalo Exchange Austin

G'day mates! I had yet another wonderful weekend and have a short week ahead, so once again I am in a blissfully happy mood. The cable in my room is down for some reason and Id rather lounge in here than in the living or, gosh forbid, in my brother's room. (Lo u Davy). So it makes it alot easier to get online and blog. On to telling tales of the past weekend.
My sweet sis, Karina, let me know of some free concerts in Arlington featuring some pretty fantastic bands. Friday nights concert was of Telegraph Canyon. I had seen them with Built to Spill not too long ago and they blew me away. So I was more than happy to see them for free in Arlington. Me and Rad Pants Nance went to get our eyebrows threaded and then we headed straight to the awesome outdoor stage. It was a family affair...there were so many parents with their kids...moving their little hips to the music. There was delicious free yummy food and free wine. There was also a BYOB option and since the kid was spending time with his daddy this weekend, I went ahead a bought myself a can of brew-ski. The show was amazing. The weather was perfect and the setting was a thick grassy lawn packed with people enjoying this music. We sat on the concrete benches lining the outer edge of the grass. We swayed our heads with the music and smiled big as they played (it was probably the alcohol hitting me). It was truly spectacular. Im taking Sebastien with me next Saturday to watch Cadillac Sky, another great band. I bought Telegraph Canyon's record "The Tide and the Current" and got them all to sign it. They were so nice and truly appreciative of all who came. Afterwards, me and Nance sat in the car for a bit and sang along to Whiskeytown...I love doing that. Love it. Ha, weird, but some of my best memories are of sing-alongs in the car. We didnt want it to end so we went to the local hang out for about an hour and then headed home. We both had to wake up super early for work the next day.

Saturday nite was a good one too. It was super relaxing. I slept alot. Much needed (I get up at 4 everyday people!!!) and then I played my Telegraph Canyon record all nite long until about 1 am. I got online and because I self-banned myself from ebay, I got on etsy. Ha. I know, big difference. I found some treasure on there tho - Ive been obsessed with suede as of late. I feel the very hippie/ 70s vibe wanting to come out these days. Anywho, Its an addiction, but at least its not an expensive one. When I got tired, I turned the record player off and hit the sack.

Etsy: HippieJo74

Etsy: Verhext Vintage

Etsy: Black Flamingo Vintage

Sunday, I woke up and had lunch with my sis, then headed to my church meeting. I cleaned up a bit - I cant stand messy surroundings - then packed up a bunch of stuff to take to Buffalo Exchange. I got a ton of money in credit and found yet more treasure, which Im sure I will be taking photos of soon. I found some really cute stuff for KoL and ACL. Then I picked up my sweetheart and we came home and hit the sack. He was worn out thank goodness!
OHHHH, I found some inspiration for a Kings of Leon concert outfit. Its hot, but it involves some tall chunky shoes. Im not sure how that will do in the pit. I plan on getting there super early to be up front so, which is better - practical flats or stylish clunkers? The stylish clunkers!!! Thanks!!! I'll do a revised - much more conservative version of hers. ha.
I've been wanting to sew lately and craft. I've decided to sew more dresses - one for my older sis and for me. I also found this rad purse I want to recreate. My version will be black suede with tons of cool feathers hanging. Hers looks more velvety. Within the next couple weeks I'll start on these I hope!

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  1. great picks (and crochet dress!). beautiful.

  2. Wow! A reader that isn't a close friend or family or forced! Thank you for commenting!

  3. said i was sweet. im diggin this new "happier" maria. haha but seriously, glad you had a good weekend. looks like nancys set up shop for good!