Friday, September 24, 2010

Kings of Leon at Superpages - Dallas Tejas







Outfit Details:
Eliot Cami Top via Buffalo Exchange Austin
Rich & Skinny Cut Off Shorts via Buffalo Exchange Dallas
Beige Lace Up Boots - Forever 21
Blue Necklace from Mexico - Gifted from an amigo - Jurrrrrr
Deux Lux Wallet via Nancy via Buffalo Exchange

So the afternoon started early....I was going to get right up front, no doubt so we (Rad Pants Nance and I) got to the SuperPages Center super early at around 5:30. Unfortunately, we had to kill time - about 3o minutes because they were not letting anybody in until 6. We sat around in the car taking goofy pictures of ourselves. Ya, I know. Super vain. Anywho, we got in and sat for another 1.5 hrs at the venue for the first band to start.
Man, this show was soo so great. We were up so close to the point that we were able to make eye contact with the folks on stage. It was pretty freakin cool. I think Jared Folowill wanted me to be his girlfriend. Haha. Ahem....Yeahhhhh. Moving on....The show included The Whigs, Black Keys, and Kings of Leon of course. I was able to take decent pictures of The Whigs (the first act and not exactly my cup of tea - they were very classic rock to me. I dont know??). But as soon as Black Keys were about to come on, my camera battery died. Ughhh. Very frustrating. So all the rest of the pictures I'll be posting will be iPhone pictures. The girl next to me was sweet enough to offer her pictures to me. I should have access to those tomorrow. I'll post a few tomorrow pm. Hers were pretty amazing.
The Whigs - Like I said before, not my cup-o-tea. We all have different tastes, however you might love them. They are harder rock than I prefer.


This is where the pictures start getting bad.

The Black Keys were amazazazing. Made ya wanna shake your hips - this band was very up-beat but blue-sy too. I loved them so!



And now on to Kings of Leon! I have a ton of these...all awful unfortunately. Caleb was in a good mood - maybe because his momma was there to watch and because he had had a couple of shots. He kept smiling at his brothers. He looks like a little boy. So sweet. Nathan was cool on the drums/ back up vocals. Matthew was being a goofball. He was, what appeared like, playing his guitar with his mouth for a while. Trying to impress mama, I guess. And he had a cigarrette (bad for ya kids) on the side of his mouth for a good while. I tried to take a picture. His bro, Jared, on the other had, was hot hot hot! I was just talking to my sister about this subject the other day. Usually, it is shoes and clothes that I find amazingly beautiful, like woah! This fella, however, took my freakin breath away. Its like, WOW! Piercing blue eyes, tall, dark, n handsome. MMMMM. Anwho, ha, I was able to snag one of the set lists. Yeahhh! And our tickets allowed us 2 free drinks per. These were going for $8 and $12 dollars. Ridunculous. So that was a plus!








What a wonderful nite!