Wednesday, September 15, 2010

If its ok with you, I'll just hang

I know lately Ive been posting alot of "life is good" posts. But, its the truth. Gosh honest truth. My dad has seemed happier, which makes me happy. Ive been pretty crafty myself. I just finished a dress that Ive been meaning to start up for a long time (I'll post some decent styled up pictures later tater).
Also, Im attending some fan-freakin-tastic shows soon, which makes me happy. My baby boy is doing well in his schooling. My sister and I are getting our eyebrows threaded tomorrowj(having well manicured eyebrows and upper lip makes me feel glamourous...weird, but it just does) then going to the local hang out for happy hour and some good tunage on the juke box. I found out some fantastic news about my schooling as well. I can finish school at UTA for free starting Fall 2011, if I qualify (and Im pretty sure I do). And my diet is going somewhat well. I feel thinner already. Oh, and today is 1/2 off Wednesday at the Salvation Army. I have set a spending limit for myself however, so that I do not get carried away. Also, I set up our etsy store. Now just to take photos of our product and list list list away!!!
I do have a couple complaints, however. I am banning myself from eBay for a while. For a month at least. Ive become addicted to purchasing shoes and vintage on that site and I cannot have that. And also, the chicken I am eating right now is disgusting. It has no taste and I will not continue devouring it. Ha.

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