Thursday, September 30, 2010

Once a Cheat, Always a Cheat

Have you guys ever forgotten you had something and when you found it you realized how cool you were or that you have some pretty amazing things? I hope so, because its a great feeling. Ha. I just found a really cool belt that i had forgotten I purchased a couple years back in California and it is quite the piece! It made my heart swell up and explode with good feelings. Yep.
Anywho, Im going to cheat a little bit on this posting, along with probably the next few. We just started up our little etsy store and took a ton of pictures. Because I am limited to what I can upload to etsy, I am going to post a few more here, an outfit a day. Karina, Nancy, and I went out to the outskirts of town and asked some folks to use their pretty scenery for some photos. They happily obliged! These shots, however, were on the side of the road beside the gym and the high school. Pretty nice, eh? Hope you enjoy.
P.S. This lovely dress is for sale here for only $75 bucks! Don't judge. There are folks that sell their stuff for a ton more. We have some deals going! Check it!
Wow yall! We made the "no sale shops worth menioning" on etsy! In other words, we have a cool new shop! N Free advertising!! Click n See!







P.P.S. Im listening to Fanfarlo and loving it. I wonder if they will be at ACL. A must see. Big geeks having a good time playing lovely music.