Friday, September 10, 2010

Kiss Me Slow and Softly...Make Me Dream of You

Sigh...isnt that the most amazing song lyric. Gahhhh, that Ryan Adams gets to me. Each and every time!!! You!!! The above photo is just a fantastic shot I found in another blog. I dont know which tho, otherwise I would give props and link back to it. Im sorry.

Anyway. I have officially started to eat better. I visited the doctor's office yesterday and was weighed. Im not as fat as I thought I was...the good news. Bad news is I have a cyst (I hate that word) that will have to be removed. It feels awkward and somewhat painful. I can live with the pain I suppose, but the doctor doesnt recommend it. Also was told to cut back on the coffee, which was the cause of this cyst. He suggested sunflower seeds instead (Im not sure if he was joking). Anywho, back to my eating better/ working out. I found the perfect and I mean PERFECT goal piece for weight loss. I begged the lady to bring her price down (ebay..yes I am re-addicted)and she agreed! This black and white chevron retro inspired bathing suit by Michael Kors is vintage lovers dream come true. Plus, the high waist will cover stretch marks and the last of the belly that is so hard to get rid of. Love!

Also, my much lusted Lucky Brand Fabia Over the Knee boots are finally out. And to my dismay (who am I kidding, I expected this price), they are $239 bucks. And only at Lord and Taylor and Bloomingdales. Bloomingdales looks like they are sold out right now, but Lord and Taylor has a 20% discount code that would help me out in the financial department. Unfortunately, due to upgrading my Kings of Leon lawn tickets to pit tickets, the purchase will not happen for a while. Plus, these doctors visits are not helping either. These beauties come in light brown suede and black leather. Both look fantastic. I have a ton of black boots so I'll probably opt for the suede, when I eventually get them...and I will!!!


  1. I'm sorry to hear about your health issues. I had a sabacious cyst taken out of my chin back in '08. I had to go to Tijuana, MX for the surgery just to save myself thousands. We will pray to Jah that you prevail this new challenge. I can't honestly say I have an opinion about all the other things your wrote, but I am diggin the boots. Keep the blog coming.

  2. Thanks! Man, Im hoping this whole cyst thing isnt too much of a big deal. I found out in a couple weeks (results).