Monday, January 9, 2012

Thirty Thursday


Evening all. Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. Got to visit a really cool art exhibit on Jean Paul Gaultier at the Dallas Art Museum with the one of the sweetest, coolest gals ever this weekend. The exhibit featured amazing wearable art and mannequins with projected facial expressions. So strange, yet so freakin awesome. Y'all should check it out. Think its on display until February sometime.
Anywho, this is last Thursday's outfit. Very casual and comfy. I always wear a sweater to the office because its pretty normal to feel like you're in a meat locker in there.
Ok, I'll leave ya by saying, "Have the best week ever, ye hear??"




Outfit Deets:
Chevron Sweater - Love Stitch via Charming Charlies (they have some really awesome clothes...decent prices to boot)
Anime Girl Tank - Urban Outfitters (I have about 4 of these...gotta love pretty girls printed on a T)
Faux Leather Tuxedo Skinnies - Jessica Simpson via Ross (like $4 on the clearance rack)
Steve Madden Boots - have had these forever...
Rainy Weather Necklace - Gift from my dear sis, Nancy, via Etsy seller eye of the tiger Looks like she is on vaca preparing for baby, but maybe she will be back. Check out her sold items to experience her greatness!


  1. Perfection! You are pretty fantastic!!! I really like your unique point of view. Great post and BRILLIANT blog! :-)

  2. Thank u so much!!! I'll be checking out your blog as well.