Tuesday, January 3, 2012



Hello. Hope everyone is having a great, happy day. Because everyone deserves happiness. Everyone wants to be happy.

My day was ok. I rushed home after work and cleaned up the apt a bit....much needed. So glad I did. Makes me want to come home, ya know. Anywho, I found this skirt at the local thrift this weekend...and no I did not wash it before wearing. ;-/ I loved it right away and purchased it on the spot. So this is today's outfit:

Outfit Details:
Black Target Tank
Thrifted Black Belt
Thrifted High Waist Skirt
Jessica Simpson Danys
Zenni Optical Glassy Eyes (got my new cat eyes today from eyebuydirect.com...think i'll post a blog reviewing each site :-))
White Balls Necklace - Mark by Avon
Lipstick is a mixture of MAC So Chaud and Hard Candy Candy Apple

Have a decent nite.

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