Monday, January 2, 2012

How To Stud A Jacket (or Whatever)


Hey folks. I thought I'd do my first tutorial on this 'ol blog here...all the bloggers do it. If I'm to be a real blogger for the next couple weeks, I figured this was a must DO! I am currently studding up a jacket I said I was going to stud about a year ago...haven't had the chance until now. I did a video and below are detailed instructions. Let me know if this is of any help!
Of course Vimeo had to choose the craziest screenshot of me in the whole video as the still shot to start it off. Niiiiice. Thanks.

How to Stud a Jacket from Maria Patino on Vimeo.

Anywho, I bought some 3/8" cone studs on ebay for super cheap from vendor and they are perfect for this project. All you will need for this project are:
Studs/ an Exacto Knife/ Pliers

First, you will get one of your studs and press on the leather to make indentions where you want the stud to go. You can also just eye the distance between the prongs to make your holes, but this is what most tutorials I checked out did, so here you go. Excuse my dried up, crusty fingers also. Partially due to this process/ partially because I don't drink enough water. Heh.

This will leave two little indentions in your leather.

Next, you will poke holes where those indentions are using your exacto knife.

Next, get your stud and put the prongs thru the holes.

Then, you will need to grab your pliers and bend down each prong.

For each side, be sure to get both prongs flat so that they don't poke you when wearing it.
Repeat until finished. Super easy huh!
This is my work in progress, I still need to do the collar and pockets and maybe some elbow patches. I want the burberry Prossum (sp?) Look. I plan on getting bigger spikes for the shoulder flaps. Should look pretty freakin awesome.



Happy Studding!!!!

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