Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Music Festivities

Folks who know me are probably tired of hearing me speak of my upcoming trip to Tennesee to experience the Bonnaroo music festival - so many great bands. But today, the Austin City Limits line up was released and OMG!- it is spec-freakin-tacular. I hope more bands decide to join up. But as of now, The freakin Eagles are headlining - how cool is that? Their concerts are crazy pricey so Im thrilled to see them, when otherwise I would probably never do so. Muse, who I recently got to see in Fort worth (and I must say were so so fantastic), is also headlining. Some of the must sees for me include - The Strokes/ Band of Horses (they Played at SXSW but were at a venue we could not get into)/ Spoon/ Vampire Weekend/ BEACH HOUSE!!/ Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros/ Local Natives/ Norah Jones. Check out www.aclfestival.com for the full line up. Are you going this year? And if so, what are your must sees?

P.S. I'll have to add pictures later. This is not working. Probably a work restriction. Im posting during lunch. :-/

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  1. i really wanna see m.i.a and the ones youve mentioned. its gunna be bomb diggity. lets get crunk, shall we?

    btw, i have a friend at the hotel that can still hook us up with a cheap hotel. score!