Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Im dividing this blog post into three little sections. First of all, since this is supposed to be a fashion blog, I am going to tell you alllll about my shoe purchases. I have bought so many lately. I dont feel too guilty because, first of all, I love them and second, I didnt spend a crap load on most of them. Ha! I think later on, when my closet is 100% set up and organized, I will take a picture of everthing and post it in my handy dandy blog. Then I will let you see some pics of my latest photo shoot with my sis. She did a fantastic job. If you have facebook (my 3 followers as of now do) and are my friend on facebook, you have seen them. Im sorry! Im a procrastinator and am barely posting them. And third, our fantastic new etsy store...coming soon! YEAAAAAHHH!

Numero 1, shoes shoes and more shoes. I bought most on ebay and then there were a couple shoes I had to have that I paid full price. These are the Jessica Simpson Dany shoes. They are 5" tall platform! Crazy I know, but I had to have them. I got the black first. The brown are back-ordered and will be here later this week or early next. Love Love Love them. Similar styles have been all over the runways - Charles Anastase has the original sky highs and Jeffrey Campbell has his Foxys, but the best deal I fould were Jessica Simpsons so I took advantage.

Charles Anastase orignals - Super Pricey Im sure

Jeffrey Campbell Foxy!!!

My Babies - Jessica Simpson Danys

Speaking of Jeffrey Campbell, he has become my latest obsession. Current obessions: shoes (Jeffrey Campbell in partic), jackets (yeah, I know its summer), and chevron stripes. Anywho, I found Jeffrey Campbells very poular Tick shoes for $50 freakin dollars on Ebay! These run $200 yall. Is this not amazing? They were my size and Buy It Nows so I feel so so fortunate. :-) Please dont judge me. :-/

I also purchased a couple of boots on eBay for winter-time. Jessica Simpson Hansel boots are suede riding boots and are absolutely gorgeous. I wear boots all fall/ winter so I had to start stocking up! Also, got Volatile Famous studded black flat boots. Can you say hawt?? Cant forget theSteve Madden lace up booties. Check out those heels

Jessica Simpson Hansel Boots

Volatile Famous Boots

Steve Madden Lace Up Boots

Lastly, I found these amazing cognac colored/ with macrame lace BCBG beauties. Perfect for now and the ladies at work will possibly not call these stripper or freak shoes They have a vintage-y feel that I love. Youl'l be seeing all these babies in my future photo shoots!

NEEEEEXT, photos of my photo shoot. I wore this outfit to a church convention actually. I was going for a 50S pin-up look. Robins Egg Blue Sweetheart dress, layered with an fitted skirt and red lips/ belt/ and shoes! I felt really pretty this day. Check it!

Sweetheart Dress - American Apparel
Fitted Skirt - Ross purchase
Red belt - thrifted
Red Shoes - Ebay Purchase
Hearts Necklace - Buffalo Exchange

Finalmente, I have fan-freakin-tastic news. My sis and I are opening up an Etsy store full of amazing vintage finds/ handmade goodies (I love designing and sewing dresses/ tops/ skirts, etc). We plan on taking spectacular pictures displaying our amazing finds (some of which I found today!!!!) and making them soooooo tempting that people will just not be able to resist our finds (we have fantastic taste so it will be hard anyway), Hopefully we will start taking pictures this weekend and opening up our store then too. Im so ready for this. I need to do something that requires creativity and beauty and art in my life. That is one reason I started this blog because I need this. Since I was a kid, Ive had a love of art and I feel the absolute need to do something....I went to art school and have not done anything with it. This is a great start! We were thinking either Freebird Vintage or Sucre Boheme Vintage (Bohemian Sugar in francais). Which do you prefer?


  1. i love the sucre boheme, can i have a grande sucre boheme??? sounds liek a starbucks beverage. Eso mujer sigua poniendo sus blogs y una sugerencia, a las cosas que piensen vender, no les tomes una foto arriba de tu cama, tomaes fotos mas tentadoras para vender. So whwnever you are about to promote a product, photograph it in a white background...

    and mis mejores deseos con su nuevo proyecto.

  2. Thanks man. We are actually going to style every product with an outfit and do a photo shoot for it. Karina can take some great pictures for the site and I will list the items in the store. I think we will do a styled photo and then just one with a white background with the item alone. Whatchu think?