Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful Boy. Darling Sebastien

Every once in a blue moon, I am in spectacular moods where almost nothing can bring me down. Today is one of those days. Things are just looking up. I have resolved to do things and I will not dissappoint.
When I am feeling blue, however, I am fortunate, no lucky (I dont beleive in those things so that can't be it), blessed rather that I have the most amazing little guy we all know as Sebastien. He is my 5, nearly 6 year old little boy that, without a doubt, makes everything better. He has the most amazing, goofy personality. He wows me everyday with the things he says and does. Im sure that is how all mothers feel about their kids, but I do think that Sebastien is exceptional and extraordinary in every way and he will be someone special when he grows up.
Last Saturday, we had a chance to go to the park, which gave me the opportunity to take some great shots of him. He is one of the happiest little guys. As he should be...He has so many people that love him. He can be a bit rambuncious, but honestly, altho sometimes frustrating, its one of the qualities that makes him who he is. Ya know?

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