Thursday, May 13, 2010


I’ve decided to delve into the topic of happiness today. My childhood was a happy one. I have the most amazing parents and sisters and brother that any girl could ever ask for. Each and every one of these people would do anything for me. It’s been proven. And I would do anything for them. As I got older, life wasn’t so peachy. I went through some things that I would not want even my worst enemy to go through. When I was young, I was naive and hadn’t seen or experienced or even heard of alot of things (I was very sheltered). Experiencing the world was a not so positive thing. It depressed me, actually. Literally, I had to be on pills to make things seem more manageable. Lately however, I have been so happy.
Happiness, however, is different for everybody, I know. In this posting, I’m going to list the top 9 aspects in my life that have to be in order so that I can feel truly happy.
1. Number 1 is having a healthy relationship with God, being in his good graces. It’s the only time I’m truly happy and I honestly think that anybody who has a relationship with God agrees. I know there’s plenty of folks out there that don’t believe in God. But by golly, there are way too many reasons to believe in him. We didn’t just appear out of the blue. We were intelligently designed and built. I want to live the way God wants me keeps me out of trouble....unnecessary drama! Ughhh. NO need.
2. Having the support and love of my family is also a major factor in my happiness. As I mentioned before, I’ve always had it. I have a big family - 5 kids! Despite any mistake, as minor or major as it may be, they are always there to support or help me correct it. There are many of folks that don’t appreciate that and I’m sure and it can be overwhelming at times when you just want to be left alone, but all in all, I appreciate it. I also have more love in one little package than I can possibly deserve. Having my little boy has made my life feel fuller and more blissful. I probably would’ve gone crazy if I didn’t have my little shishkebob.
3. Being comfortable in my own skin - I know we should be proud of ourselves whatever shape we are in, but when I gain a little weight and my clothes aren’t fitting, I’m sorry, but I can’t stand it. It’s the most uncomfortable feeling to me and I don’t want to wear anything but mumus. That awful thing about my body is that nothing gets bigger but my belly and my back (back fat is the worst!). It’s disgusting and I can’t take it. I am happiest when I’m in shape and my clothes lay right and fit well. I’m a bad example to young girls when I say I’m fat when I’m somewhat thin, but when I have muffin-top – IM NOT HAPPY!!!!
4. Lets move on to numero quarto, yes? I find that keeping myself busy in the things that I love such as decorating or painting or sewing or whatever gets my creative juices flowing makes me extremely happy. I wish I could do it for a living but that require me going back to school and at the moment, with a 5 year old kid, its nearly impossible.
5. Having beautiful music playing at all times makes life a lot better. I listen to my ipod all day at work, on my 2.5 hr commute to and from work, while working out and boy does it make those times a lot more enjoyable. When I get a good mix going, it is just so exciting and keeps me alert and smiling and singing along. One of the best things ever is discovering a new (to me) mind-blowingly amazing band, listening and then seeing exactly how incredible they are. Another of my favorite things to do is see bands in concert. You can feel the music inside you. I’ve been going to shows since my teens and to this day its probably one of my all-time favorite hobbies. I don’t know what I would do without music.
6. Financial stability – Sad to say but money does affect the way we live. If I owe everybody, I’m anxious and worried until the debt is payed off. So when I’m somewhat debt free and able to save, of course I’m a lot happier. Not only that, but I’m able to shop which is one of my favorite past-times. I’m a thrifty shopper though. I rarely buy full price, unless I just have to have it (more than likely a phenomenal pair of shoes/ boots) . It’s usually on sale or second-hand, which is ok with me. You know I read something hilarious the other day. Yahoo listed the top 10 degrees that have the lowest starting to mid salaries. I believe second or third on the list was a degree in Fine Arts. It was so funny because it mentioned that only an artist could make thrift store clothing look like a million bucks….and its true! Ha. Good times.
7. Non-platonic LOVE. Ok, this is somewhat of a sore subject for me. Haha. Honestly, at this moment, I feel that I don’t need it. I have loved in the past/ made my mistakes and learned from them. Tthose in turn, made me know what I want in a future husband. I won’t settle for less. This is the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with and he has to be my best friend and enjoy the things I do and we have to laugh at the same craziness and, of course, still be able to learn from each other. Sigh!!! I’m not expecting it any time soon. Sometimes I think it would be nice to have a fantastic guy to come home to. I can see us dancing to my favorite Built to Spill song at our wedding. J But, I can wait for that amazing moment. I’m patient.
8. Experiencing new places – As of lately, I have been trying to travel as much as I can. I simply love the way I feel when I’m in a new place I’ve never been to or visiting a familiar place far from home that I love. I adore how hotel pillows feel and even the smell of a hotel room (I‘m not counting the hotel in Austin we stayed at with the broken shower stall and the overflowing toilet.) Coming across new and different folks and their appreciating their styles is also really neat to see…
9. Finding an amazing deal while shopping - Haha. I know it’s ridiculous to some, but when I buy something that is spectacular and I saved money, or finding a unique, gorgeous treasure (clothes/ shoes/ home décor in particular), I’m on cloud nine. I’m really not materialistic, guys. I just love beautiful things. It’s not like I want the best or most expensive things! Gahhhh!

That covers my top 9. What makes you happy?
It has been ages since I have been truly happy, so please don’t rain on my parade. Don’t give me any bad news right now or bring me down. I want to feel like I’m floating on a cloud for a little while longer.


  1. u keep rocking mujer que estas haciendo chidisimo!

  2. thanks man. i appreciate ye and your comments.