Thursday, May 6, 2010

Argggg! Anger and then Sadness

Im confused. So angry. 3 times already I have lost all my numbers/ all my pictures/ all my memos/ my music download list because of my iphone. I dont know why I keep having freak accidents where Im losing all my data! Its so frustrating.
Otherwise, today was a decent day. I get a little annoyed when folks at work make fun of my outfits or say obnoxious little remarks. It doesnt matter...I like my style and I think I look goooood. The start of my healthier lifestyle was today too...I had less that 1400 calories Im sure and I start going to the gym as often as possible next week starting with a personal training session on Tuesday. Im getting over my allergies/ cold, so things are looking up for the weekend. I really want to spend quality time with my darling, Sebby, because he will be with his daddy a full month in June. Im going to miss him so so so much. He is the most beautiful/ amazing/ special thing in my life and Im not looking forward to that. But hopefully he will learn how to swim and get to play with the neighborhood children and miss me so much too!
My sister, Karina, was nice enough to photograph me with Nikon D200 and you can see such a difference in quality. In this set of shots, Im wearing a Jean Paul Gaultier for Target dress and necklace and tank from Buffalo Exchange. Shoes are Seychelles

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