Friday, May 4, 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm???

Today's outfits is one of those things the title of this blog post mentions.  I wore a tye dye tank with lace crop top, huge bell bottoms (which were a hit even amongst old Mexican men), the raddest red platform shoes incredibly comfortable for their height (Both the bottoms and shoes are from no other than Free People), and a deer head necklace.  Odd combo?  I tried to tie it all together at work with a red, blue, and white checkered, unbuttoned flannel shirt with rolled up sleeves while at work (it gets cold in there!!!).

Anywho, another thing that made me go hmmmmm?  My sister told me our cat has worms last nite.  Its an inside cat, how is that possible?  I have seen it drink water from the toilets.  That could be it.

Another thing, I noticed a note on our front door as I came home from the maintenance man asking us to call the office.  I walked in and it was the biggest freakin disaster I had ever seen.  Pillows all over the floor, dried up milk and Pops on the couch and floor, and Seb's video games and shoes all over the living room.  And the cat food bowl was three times overfilled and scattered all over the floor.  Pots and pans stacked up high in the disgusting sink.  Seb had the day off, but dang, he was supervised or so I thought.  So, can you get kicked out of your apartment for having a messy place?  Its that or the illegal cat we didn't pay a deposit for.  Who knows.  Im going to pretend I never saw it and act as if everything is ok, as I do all other awkward or uncomfortable situations in my life.

Tonite I submit my research paper on ADHD and study like mad for my math test.  As of now I have a 70 in that class due to 6 missed assignments.  A couple of 30s in a mad pick any answer and wish for the best, beat the midnite deadline type of ordeal, and missing 1 major unit test.  If I get at 90 on my final I will get an 85 in that class.  All my other classes, Im happy to say I have an A in.  Those deadlines killed me in that class for some reason.

Have a good weekend yall.  Its finals weekend for me!!!





Outfit Details:
Lace Top: Max
Tye Dye Under-tank: Miley Cyrus for Max Azria for Wal-Mart
Bell Bottoms - Free People
Red Platform Shoes in gorgeous Suede: Faryl - Free People

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