Monday, May 21, 2012

I go for a walk in the park, Cuz you don't need anything.

a-acutoutdress-main Evening folks. I had an overall good day today. After work, we went grocery shopping for uber healthy foods. Ha. I think I ate more food today than I usually do on a normal basis. I also got a few new nail colors. I plan on painting my toe nails tonite. I also watched a couple of pretty decent movies on Netflix while eating, which made me happy. Then constructed a couple headpieces, which I will be displaying below, after my outfit pics. Also, had a wonderful weekend. Got my Bonnaroo tickets...headed to Manchester in a couple of weeks! Went to visit my sister in Austin with my moms and my Sebby. It was a wonderful time! I got the new Beach House album at Waterloo along with a shirt upgrade from XS to Small for SebSeb to grow into!!! And to top all that greatness off, I think we got the amazing duplex in Lakewood we applied for. Boy, am I going to feel like a fool if we don't get it and publicized it for all to see here, but, yeah, lets hope, hmmmm?
 Anywho, this is what I wore sometime last week. I think this dress was made for tall leggy women.  It wasn't what I envisioned when I put it on. I got it in California in a little boutique in Santa Monica. It was love at first site, and when I tried it on, it didn't exactly zip up. It does now! However, I wouldn't dream of wearing it without a shirt or something to cover my big white belly, as I wouldn't want to gross ya'll out too much.
 Moving on, I was wanting to post what I wore everyday, for grins & giggles this whole summer...fancy or not, repeat or new....that'd be kind of neat, right? Well hope everyone has the best nite in existence. a-acutoutdress3 a-acutoutdress2 a-acutoutdress4 a-acutoutdress1 Outfit Details:
Cut Out Dress: A little Santa Monica boutique
Gray Suede Boots: Sam Edelman at TJ Maxx for like $20 bucks on freakin clearance! How amazing is that???
Bracelet: Charming Charlies

Now my headpieces! These or something similar will go on Etsy soon. I'll also be listing a couple boots on ebay within the next couple days. I'll be on vaca the whole month of June and moving at the end of the month....this lady needs machioooo dinerooooo!!!!! a-aheadpiece2 a-aheadpiece1

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