Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Spanish Senorita!!!

Ive decided despite my severe body dismorphia to go ahead and start taking photos of my outfits - almost daily and as I get more fit I will see the difference in how my outfits look as well. Right? Anywho, the dress I wore today is absolutely lovely - its by Fantasy Dressing and the shoes are by BCBG. My sweet and quirky sister Karina gave it to me and I appreciate it very much so! Makes me want to go salsa dancing (I wouldnt dare tho because I have 2 left feet). I did feel very pretty in it. :-) Because of the full circle skirt, as I swung by the broken sign faces at my work, i kept getting stuck or dragging the broken pieces along with me. Happened a good 2 - 3 times. Yowza!
P.S.I also learned how to use the timer on my camera and am trying to get the settings on it correct so that I can get the best/ most colorful/ crisp pictures anywhere I take photogs. These are not so great, but will do for now.

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