Saturday, April 10, 2010

Great Beginnings

Im happy to say that Im finally done unpacking at my new place (the back part of my parents house).  It feels like my own since I have my own little living room, where I have included a mini fridge and a microwave.  I'm even going to display some of my glassware that Im sure my parents have no interest in putting in their kitchen.  I'll post pics shortly.  Im quite happy with the way it turned out.  Its colorful/ cluttered/ yet still has order (in my opinion).  I feel comfortable and happy there.  I felt so sad at first because I thought I'd be losing my, hmmm, independence I suppose/ my space/ my place in life.  Im 28 years old, for goodness sakes!  I should have my own space.  I feel like I do and my little guy, Sebastien is better off in life living here.  That I can definitely appreciate. 
Anywho, I woke up this morning to a very inspiring start.  I woke up to a couple journals my sister had collected from unknown folks (she goes to thrift stores/ estate sales alot).  I read one journal and boy does this guy have beautiful writing skills.  I could tell he is a major geek because his first story was about a vampire who finds love with a human woman and marries her.  They have a child and he falls in love with a girl that his dad must have in order to live (he vants to suck her blood).  Anyway, very well written.  After that, was a journal of each day his love left him and then the two re-uniting.  He mentioned locations around the city.  He is an IT guy who loves video games.  It was kind of neat and very sweet.  This guy was head over heels for this woman.  Would be nice to find something like that someday.
After this, I got the wireless router connected and decided to download some music I've been meaning to download for quite some time and then started my logo for this blog!  Yeah.  I must go now tho, Sebastien is done playing (we are at the McDonalds playground).  I'll post later.

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