Saturday, April 10, 2010

Photos of my New Humble Abode

I adore my room.  Now that everything is set up, Im sure this is the room I'll be spending most time in.  Ive had this same mossy green color in all my bedrooms for about 3 years....I havent grown tired of it.  Most of my decor/ furniture is from West Elm.  Either on sale or second hand at a much cheaper price.  The display case I got off craigslist and repainted and made it to just about my favorite piece.  I'll be posting future projects and past projects that I'm proud of later on in my blogging life.  I plan on starting a side project where I beautify old pieces and resell them for reasonable prices.  There is a store in Dallas that I got my headboard at that does the same thing, but resells their pieces at crazy high prices.  I wont be doing that.  Its completely unfair.  I think I can do just as good or maybe better (more creative) than they can.  They paint their pieces white to be more shabby chic I suppose.  I got the guy that does the work to tell me where they purchased their amazing finds and zipped right out and found the mecca of all things amazing!  I bought about $200 worth of stuff that day for myself.  Great project pieces and others that are ready to go.  

Next few shots are of my living area.  I once again, love it.  Its cluttered but we went from a house of our own to 3 rooms.  Clutter makes me comfortable so Im happy with it.  Excuse the bad quality pictures...used my phone camera.  Still havent learned to use my better camera.  Plus I think I need a different lens to back out - wide angle maybe. 

These pictures of are my sweetie pie's bedroom.  He likes it, I think.  the color was actually an accident. Thats my bedroom color, but my dad was nice enough to start painting before I moved in, but in the wrong color.  Oh well.  It goes well with his dinosaur theme.

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