Monday, December 31, 2012

Shopping Smart - Tips for Ladies on a Major Big-Time Budget


Hey all.  Hope you are having quite the wonderful evenings.  In this post I thought I would share with you my tips for saving large when on a strict budget.  Since my shopping budget is about to become even stricter, I will indeed be taking heed to these handy suggestions, so here is what I have done in the past to save a bit of cash when shopping:

1.) Shop the Sale Section – Many a times you can find a diamond in the rough amongst this section in the very back of the store or online. Additionally, alot of times you can find your basics here/ layering pieces, etc. Do not buy these items at full price EVER. Look here first! But this takes me to my next tip!!:

2.) Quality over Quantity – Do not just randomly buy because its not expensive. A lot of your last minute/ cheap/ spur of the moment buys unravel or fade after one washing. How lame is that? Save your cash and spend it on something that is of good quality, will last, and that won't be going out of style in 5 seconds.

3.) Splurge on Musts Only – Since you don’t have a lot of cash anyhow :-D, splurge only on killer pieces, those that you won’t find anywhere else and that will last you a long time. As previously mentioned, you want quality over quantity. These splurges must last you many many wears for years to come. Most of my splurges have been shoes, but I have had a few clothing purchases – vintage and new – that are statement pieces that are unmatched in quality and detail to any other reproduction.

4.) Compare and Save – Always Always Always compare your wants on multiple sites and stores. Look on ebay as well. You may be able to find your item for way less money. Also, look for sites that offer free shipping.  This will save you a good $10 alot of times.

5.) Wait on Sales – This is tough, but it will save you a lot of cash. Wait for holiday sales and out of season sales. I buy my coats around March and have saved up to 75% on good quality, really cute coats.

6.) Coupons!!! – Sign up on your favorite websites to receive emails and get coupons and sale alerts as soon as they become available. Twitter and facebook also provides alerts when coupons become available. You can also do searches online to find available coupons and discount codes.

7.) The Vintage Rule – Here is my rule on vintage. AGAIN, splurge only on unique, quality pieces. Go to your local thrift store for basics and common pieces such as T-shirts and pearl snap button ups. Most actual vintage stores you walk into are usually over-priced and mediocre. Find your quality pieces online – such as on Etsy and Ebay. Be sure to check measurements, however.

8.) Buy Second Hand – This applies to vintage and more modern clothing as well. Check ebay for those expensive One Teaspoon shorts you want for $100. Find them for half the price or less on ebay – used (sometimes new). Go to your thrift stores for all your basics. You will find killer pieces at thrift stores all the time as well for under $10. It’s pretty incredible

9.) DIY It – If you are at all crafty, this is going to save you gobs and gobs of loot. Buy those studs, amazing fabrics, etc. and do it yourself. There is a crap-load of tutorials online (ie YouTube) on how to do pretty much everything. Not only will you save cash, but you can design your piece however you please – many times better than what they are selling at the store!

10.) Trade and Sell What you are Sick Of – Load up all the stuff you don’t want anymore and take it to Buffalo Exchange/ Plato’s Closet/ or any consignment store and trade them out or get cash. Buffalo Exchange gives you 50% credit or 35% cash back for stuff you don’t even want. Only thing is, they want quality – vintage or modern stuff.

11.) If You Don't Have the Money, Wait 'Til You Do! - Don't get in debt over a piece of clothing or shoes. Save a bit each paycheck until you have the money. It'll be more expensive in the long run if you charge it. It's just not worth being in debt.

12.). Sell your Eggs for Shopping Loot – Just joshin. Although, have you seen how much cash you can get for those babies? Sheeeeesh!

Hope these tips help you out. If you know of others, by all means, SHARE YOUR WEALTH OF INFO!!!!

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