Sunday, December 16, 2012

House Tour and Beginning DIY Portfolio

Ok, this post is going to be extremely photo heavy.  I took some detailed pictures of some of the furniture I've painted and such.  I will probably use these as a start to a portfolio.  I may unclutter a bit and retake.  Unsure.  Either way, this is my humble abode.  I love love this place, as everyone should love their home.  I want to come home and spend time in every room.  Its my passion, setting up a place and putting colors together, and textures and fabrics.  I spent all weekend doing a deep cleaning of every room, except mine, Seb's and the laundry room.  That will be a task to work on this week.  So for now, this is the kitchen, dining, living, and the main bathroom.  I do understand its cluttered, but thats kind of my thing.  I love clutter (organized clutter I call it), it makes me feel comfortable.
Living Room:




I painted the hutch cabinet about 4 or 5 years ago.  Its a bold jeweltone blue with gold accents.  The gold has faded a bit.  Its moved around with me from house to house, so it has scratches and what not all over.  Its one of my favorite pieces.  i just display random kitchy collectibles in there.



Work Space
This will be our sewing area/ work space for our Etsy stuff.  Its very small, but will have to do for now.

Dining Room
I found this dining room set at the thrift store in Arlington for next to nothing (drove from Dallas to Arlington on my lunch break to make sure no one else snagged it before I did) and knew I had to paint it an amazing color combo.  I decided on a cerulean blue and olive green, with gold accents.  I recovered the seat cushions in a mustardy-olive moroccan window pattern.  At first I thought it clashed with the southwestern theme of the table and chairs, but it grew on me.  I took lots of pictures to show detail.  I love that it goes well with the hanging light fixtures.




Painted this as well from a boring old 80s particle board bookcase to a fun colorful piece leaving the inside of the shelves the wood grain look it originally came with.  I thought the combo looked cool and modern.  I house my records and pictures/ artwork here.  Hoping my record collection will someday fill all the shelves.  Yeah!

Record Player 1 & 2.  I worked on this record player about 4 years ago as well, but since then the sound is not as wonderful.  I called around DFW area looking for anyone who works on these but apparently there is no one.  I found someone in Austin that would repair it for around $80, which would be worth it, but really don't have a way to haul it over, unless I load it in the back of my tiny car.  I've fit larger in possibly one day.  Anywho, I painted this a robin's egg blue and went with a bird motif.  Put a bird on it!  On the lid, I wrote Ryan Adam lyrics from "English Girls".  Love those words.  The speakers used to be intact, but the darn kids at our old apartment had a hayday with them and punched a few holes in them.  I was not the happiest of campers when I finally noticed.












Painted this chair as well.  Im thinking about crocheting some flowers (once I learn how to crochet) and attaching them to the back - front and back of the chair....just an idea.



That covers it for now.  Have a great nite.

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