Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Oh, Glen Hansard!!!


Afternoon good folks. Today is the eve of my vacation to sunny (only partially) LA. I am missing SXSW, however, and along with that my love Glen Hansard!!!! AAAACHHH! Nearly quit LA when I heard of his appearance. The Swell Season concert a couple years ago was the most gorgeous, passionate show I have ever attended. It took my breath away. Literally. I nearly cried because it was so heartfelt and beautiful. I guess I'll have to see him in April with Eddie Vedder for $80 a pop. He is so worth it!!

Anyshmoo, this is what I wore last week sometime. I didn't have time to brush my hair that morning, so......

Did I mention I miss my little Bug like crazy. He is at his daddy's for spring break....a fair exchange, as I will have him a week in June (his daddy's month), for our family trip to Orlando. My heart is breaking for him....you don't know what you have until it is not there. Gosh, I feel so empty without him. I love him so.





Apologies for the varying sizes of pictures....odd.

Outfit Details:
Pink Tank - Target
Pink Cami - Thrifted
Striped High Low Pleated Skirt - Ebay
Belt - Thrifted
Boots - Betsy Johnson via Free People
Cuff Bracelet - Charming Charley's
Necklace - Forever 21
Denim Jacket - H&M


  1. is that a poer shield to defend yoursefl against zombies??

  2. Hahaaaa! Indeed, one of its purposes!!