Thursday, October 21, 2010

Your Come On Legs and Your Panty Ho

Lyric Courtesy of Kings of Leon - Not Saying I have come on legs by any means. ha!
Vintage Top Via Buffalo Exchange Austin
Suede Skirt via Etsy
BCBG heels via Ebay

I've been feeling a bit melancholy lately. Its nothing to worry about tho. This happens every once in a while and then I move on. Anywho, this time around, I've felt jealous, I suppose, of responsible adults that live on their own. I am going to be living at the back of my parents house for a long long time. At least 3 years while I finish school, that is for sure. I guess Im just craving independence, like my sisters have. Or even my brother. He lives here and he is very independent. Geez. I'll get over this. Im thankful that my parents help me with my sweet little boy. And they gave me all these rooms....I just took over them and did whatever I wanted and they didn't care. My dad does my laundry for me for goodness sakes!!!! I dont have to buy food or toilet paper!!!! This place allows me to get my creative juices flowing and actually do my much loved side projects. But still I feel stuck. Gaaaaahhhh
Breath.....Deep breaths.....this will pass.
Anywho, this is one of my outfits from last week. I adore the skirt. I got it on etsy. Got this rad vintage shirt on my, not last, but previous to last trip to Austin. I love it.
Oh, ya. Another thing, Ive decided to read up on vegetarian/ veganism again. I need to get reconnected. Seems my health has not been as great with meat in my diet. I start the gym next Wednesday too.....much much needed endorphines. I want to feel confident like my bro. Its a good feeling, I want it back.


  1. I hear what you said, I on the other hand wishes that i live close to my parents, fortunately my dad able to come here for 6 months, stumble your blog on IFB, following your blog

    Perhaps you can follow me too...

  2. ill definitely follow you. Thanks for checking out my blog!

  3. I love, love love your whole vintage/very southwest look. It reminds me of my home away from home in Arizona. It looks fabulous on you. Such great finds.

  4. I understand that you feel stuck there but it sounds to me like you have it pretty good! :) I love your outfit here.


  5. Thank you guys for commenting and checking my blog. I truly appreciate.