Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Wanna Get Away

Work has been super busy lately and I feel like getting away again. I'll take my sweet boy and we will discover new places and see new sights and eat new food and stay in hotel rooms. Maybe beautiful hilly Nashville again or possibly the plateaus of Santa Fe. Who knows. Somewhere I don't know anybody. Anywhere but here. And when he gets a little older, maybe I can do the above with someone that thinks I'm the bees knees and that I think is the living end. Wouldn't that be heaven!

This is what I wore to work today. I got my new Jeffrey Campbell Litas in the mail yesterday and had to wear them right away. Im kind of wishing I had bought black. Maybe when they are back in stock everywhere I will. Not now though.
Vintage Lace top - thrifted
American Eagle Cargo Khakis
Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoes
Rose necklace - Buffalo Exchange
MAC Ravishing lipstick

I've been wanting to get a velvet turban pretty badly lately. A burgundy one....I have been unable to find one on ebay or etsy that is reasonably priced to me so I looked on youtube and learned how to make one! Its super easy! Soon you will see me sporting turbans all the time. Ha. I josh (yet am completely serious).
Also, Ive made it a goal to learn how to use my darn camera. Ive been unmotivated to blog because of my crappy looking pictures. I borrowed a video that should teach me so I hope to have fab photos very soon!