Monday, August 29, 2011

If You Don't Have Anything Nice To Say....

Geez, these pics made me realize something today...gave me a big way. Im hitting the gym tomorrow. Not lion. I won't say anything more.... On a positive note, I found this lovely scarf Im wearing as a belt at the local Ross store. I think its really pretty and Im loving southwestern prints right now, so it fit the bill. Oh, and the bad lighting in my room caused the quality of the pics to come out icky...I went outside to get a good pic of the scarf.
I gotta buy overpriced/ rent text books now, so I have to cut it short.



Outfit Details
Ruffle Olive Top- Target
Eggshell Assymetric Skirt - From an Asian Lady on Craigslist - I went to pick up a clothing rack and she took out all her clothes and tried to get me to buy all of them! Nuts
Southwestern Scarf - Ross
Boots - Payless via Ebay

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