Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Caftan Colors

I found this caftan on eBay about a year ago- even posted about the find- and believe it or not, this is the first time I actually have ever worn it. The colors in this thing are so vibrant and captivated me right away. I have found a couple others, but where am I really going to wear these besides for pictures? For now, its colors just stand out against all the other articles of clothing on the hanging rack...

Anywho, much has changed since my last post. I moved in to my own apartment, which I love! I got to decorate and situate and that of course made me happy. I'll post on that later. Both me and my Seb Seb start school again very soon. Im nervous and I know Seb is nervous since he will be starting a new school. I hope he gets to go with at least a coupe of his old Arlington friends.

On another note, I had a somewhat disappointing situation occur today, which caused me to purchase couple pair of pricey dicey shoes. They are beauties so hopefully they aren't a regret later. We are all allowed to splurge every once in a blue moon right? Its been an eternity for me!!

Have a wonderful nite...time to hit the sack again.




*thanks to karina, btw, for forcing me to take these pictures.
Outfit Deets:
Caftan purchased on eBay
Jessica Simpson Dany platforms
necklaces/ bracelets/ rings purchased at Buffalo Exchange and estate sales
headpiece - made by yours truly


  1. gorgeous! you have bridal india head wear im in love with the grown and crown when do we go to india togather? ps, up early cause dog sitting have to drive in a bit or they'll soil the carpet..boooo jk but these are great photos you are extra beautiful as always but props to your sister she got lovely angles like it all!

    loan me your head gear, when my hair grows out pleassse!its amazin ok chowder!

  2. b-sue! thanks for checking the blog. love your username! Taaah!