Friday, September 2, 2011

Sweet Illusions


G'day all! We got ourselves a 3 day weekend upon us and I am blissful as all get out, except one thing. The whole time I was in this get-up I thought I looked goooood. I was deceived and realized that as soon as I started editing these pictured. Aaaaach! Gahhhh, Id love a waistline!!!!!
By all means, it is not this killer skirt's fault. I bought this pretty thing from Free People and it may be the most beautiful skirt I have ever landed my big brown eyes on. Definitely a show-stopper with its uneven hem and ruffle to add a bit of pizzaz. I really wish I could wear it everyday. The cat chases after me when I wear it which I do not appreciate, but its wants it too.
Anyshmoo, have a wonderful weekend yall. I see you soon.





Outfit Details
Skirt - Free People
Rolling Stones tank - Forever 21
Shmoozies - Jeffery Campbell Litas
Necklaces/ Rings - Urban Outfitters and Forever 21
Belt - Buffalo Exchange


  1. Your eyes make you look so enchanting, you've got such a pretty face! !taht dress is incredibly awesome,

    Check out my blog if you have the time :D