Friday, July 23, 2010

You Talked Until Your Tongue Fell OUT - and Then You Talked Some More

I have alot...and I mean alot to say today. First and foremost, Im posting nothing but positive things on this blog. No more complaining or venting. I'll start up a journal for that. This, however, is to share my projects/ outfits/ hopes and dreams/ and inspiration.
Now that that is said, I want to say, for work, I am dressed pretty boldly today. Well I have some pretty bold shoes on. The rest is something typical for a casual Friday. Most know that I love shoes. Its like, my thing. ha. When I landed my eyes on Jessica Simpson's Dany platforms (as previously posted) on (who rocks btw), I knew I had to have them. So after a couple months, I bought them. I wore my black ones up here with a long spanish style skirt and then to have drinks with my sis with some jegging (I've fallen in love with jeggings - with my skinny legs - they look more like skinny jeans and they fit well) and loose top. They were a hit with the alot of compliments. So today, Im wearing my cognac colored ones with some torn up jeans I just purchased on VS website on sale (I made these super skinny and the worn spot on the knees has now fallen completely apart...sewed them a little too tight I guess!) and a vintage button up I purchased just recently at the Salvation Army. I didnt get a picture tho. Oops!!!
Next, I want to share my currect projects with you guys. I saw this wonderful picture on another blog of the Beach House record next to a record player and I thought, gosh, that looks so relaxing and listen to records on a dreary Saturday afternoon or open the doors to my room onto a cool patio and lay outdoors while listening to a great album turned up really loud. I love the static-y, crackly, crispyness when playing a record. Plus my parents were really happy that I purchased. My mom kept going on about how she was going to send for my uncle's old records in Mexico. What a little darling, huh? Anywho, I took before and in progress pictures. Im not completely done, but I've painted the cabinet a robins egg bluish green. Im planning on painting the brown parts of the speaker a bold gold as well as the inside of the door to the actual record player. I wanted to line the interior of the door with this amazing gold and white chevron print fabric i found on Im going to wait to see the actual colors of the fabric when it comes in since pictures online aren't always so accurate colorwise.

Before - Right when I got it home
Painted robins egg blue - in progress.

I loved the dark brown on the speaker box area - wish I hadn't sloppily painted on them.

Gorgeous Chevron!!!

Speaking of,they have a gazillion really cute fabrics and awesome prices compared to other fabric stores (same brands too!) I purchased another fabric - black and white chevron to make a dress. I was thinking a maxi dress like the one Jennifer Lopez wore in the picture below, but then I went to Joann Fabric and found these amazing vintage patterns. The dress is so simple to make, so, if it comes out well, I may make a couple dresses for our etsy store.

We are still working on logos/ websites for our etsy store. I think my friend, Brandy may have actually concocted a brilliant one for us. We have gathered quite a bit of inventory, so Im thinking we need to start taking our pictures and just list everything we have. I went to the Salvation Army on Wednesday (1/2 off every Wednesday!! Wowsers!) and got a ton of really really cute stuff - some of which Im keeping, heh. I had gathered some stuff at our local thrift store last week and my sisters went to an estate sale/ thrift stores and found some vintage treasure as well. :-)
Another thing that makes me happy - guitar lessons. My little guy and I are going to partake in some lessons. I bought us some cheap beginner guitars (mines cheap but pretty cool looking!) and we are going to become rock stars. At least thats what Sebastien says. He is excited about learning and I hope that continues. I really want him to appreciate music as much as I do. Our appreciation for art and music seems to run in the family! My mom designed and sewed our clothes when were were kids (there were four girls and a boy for goodness sakes!) and my dad, as far back as I can remember would play records and mix takes in the mornings and sing along. I loved those times! I want to pass that along to my luv bug as well.
Speaking of musica, Im so excited about the bands coming to Dallas in the next few months. Its crazy how many freakin awesome shows are coming up. Me and my little bro are going to see Keane on Monday for instance. I will indeed be taking some pictures and posting them. I promise Ill take a pic of my outfit and some shots of the band. And some of my little bro if he will allow it. Im sure he will, he started working out and he is proud of his body...he likes to show it off lately. Next month, we have Built to Spill. Saw them not too long ago during the week with Dinosaur Juniorand it was killer...hard to stay awake but worth it I think. Their music is so lovely. Have I mentioned that my wedding song will be "The Weather" by Built to Spill. Take a listen to it. Its super sweet. John Mayer is September 4th. Im dying to go to this concert. Im hoping I can get all these concert tickets in next weeks check run! I am incredibly excited about September 23 - Kings of Leon baby! They always put on a fantastic show and I got floor - GA so Im gonna make it a goal to head up to the venue early so we can get right up front. Then the following Tuesday we have Jenny Lewis in Jenny and Johnny (which I hadnt heard of - I'll have to download). But I love Jenny Lewis and seeing her is a must!! Then the following week - ha - is Austin City Limits. I think I've posted the ton of bands that will be there and OMG! I cannot wait. I love festivals and since this is in September, we wont be sweating like piggies like at Bonnaroo. That was a bit torturous to be honest, but the bands we saw there made it soooooooo worth it. Well well worth it. If I didnt want to see that Eagles at ACL Sunday nite, Id go to The XX at the Granada that Sunday, but the Eagles are pretty epic. When am I ever going to be able to see the Eagles besides at ACL without sitting in the nosebleed section? Never! November also has a couple of good ones - the Stars will be in town on the 20th, which is a Saturday and then Blonde Redhead on the 30th. All of these shows besides John Mayer and KoL will be at the Granada. I havent even looked at other venues to see who all is playing there.
Lastly, I wanted to share some pictures of last nite's treats. My mom and my sweet sister, Elisa made quesadillas last nite - not the typical cheese n tortilla. These are whole wheat with sweet caramel atole and queso ranchero. So So Good. I took some pictures and started munchin em down. The picture makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

Thats it for now. Told ya I had a lot to say!

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