Friday, January 4, 2013

Coooooold Roses


So my car died today.  Mechanic came out and said its one of the computers in the car.  Sooooooo, now I have a dead car and the smallest check I have had in years and years. Gaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!  These pictures were taken prior to finding this out.  That's why I'm smiling.
UPDATE:  I'm such a fool.  Key was just bad.  Using my old key and now my car is starting up like a charm.  What a loooooooooser!!!!!






Outfit Details:
Black Tank - Thrifted
High Waist Wide Leg Rosey Pants - Buffalo Exchange
Jacket - Kohl's
Necklaces - Buffalo Exchange
Shoes - Jessica Simpson Dany
Turban - Target

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