Monday, November 19, 2012

Wish You Were Here


Evening Folks.  Hope you all had a happy Monday.  Mine was just fine and dandy.  We were allowed to leave class early and now I am here about to start my Lit homework.  Anybody have a copy of the movie Persepolis, by the way?
Even better, in another two days, I'll be spending the day with my folks, which I haven't seen in an eternity, driving down to Austin, Tejas to enjoy my sweet little sis and the wonderful sights and sounds of one of the most amazing cities in the grand ol US of A, and then Shreveport, LA to get some inspiration/ art and painting lessons from a very creative and talented old friend.  Got lots and lots of drawing and painting to finish up by Monday!  Busy, but a good kind of busy.  Hope y'all have some fun stuff planned out for the next few days!





Outfit Details:
"Gypsy" Studded Red Leather Jacket: Zac Posen for Target bedazzled by yours truly
Pink Floyd T - H&M
Jeans - the Good Will
Velvet Platform Boots: Deena & Ozza on sale at the Urban Outfitters
Earrings: on sale at the Urban Outfitters

P.S.  I'm not gonna lie to ya.  I'm not a big fan of the Pink Floyd, but I found this at the H&M for about $10.  Vintage looking Band-T for that price?  Shoooooot!  Can't pass that one up.  ;-)

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